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Turbines: Test to find how people feel about reliability, quality, and longevity?

I don't know about all the people out there that deal work and enjoy the use of turbines, But I'm kind of feed up with the fact that the Model turbine industry just don't consider the model turbine market one worth improving on?

I mean even the must humble of the inexpensive turbines out there in the market have turbine wheels that can exchange blades. so if you have a failure you change one or two blade! don't buy an entire turbine wheel!

Multiple stage compressors, and combustion chambers that can handle temperatures of up an above 1500 degrees! Making them a cleaner burning machine, and more important more fuel efficient!

Common People! it is not longer rocket science any more all the data and advances are right there for any one that can read and search on the internet!

My goal is start to build the infrastructure that will make this possible, I know It may take the rest of my life to get there! but it is worthed because, in the first place will bring the price of overhaul, repair and maintenance down, "no more sending the turbine to the manufacturer for new bearings" and in the long run will push those ones that are making model turbines to offer a better product for the money! LET US BE HONEST ABOUT IT! TURBINES ARE NOT CHEAP!



I would love to build an airplane around a turbine. But, I can't come close to purchasing one! How about an affordable jet turbine? Say, under $300? Is it doable???

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I want to build a turboprop. It'd be a 10,000 dollar plane, but it would be cool. Variable pitch, turboprop, maybe twins, either a turbine otter or a Dehavilland Dash 8. What an expensive hobby it would become. A couple of those and I could have a pretty nice airplane I could fly in. Awesome, but expensive.


Hey, Tritium. Seems like we have something else in common-homemade alcohol "fuel." What is your distillation set up? What mash do you use? Sorry to hijack the thread!
Hi MarkGerard,

I believe that some of the model turbine manufacturers are hard at work developing improvements in this area. I know that wren and jetCat are at least.

I have also read that because of the differences in aerodynamics when downsizing not every technology from the larger cousin’s work.

Multistage miniature turbines have been made though, but due to the fact that every stage adds another set of components that need to be even stronger and more precise the price is in the high 10s of thousands of dollars. Check out this website http://www.bladonjets.com/
Hey I can't Hover a 50 cent 3D airplane so don't let my inabilities limit anything, like the inability to spend thousands on an airplane. While I'll admit there are plenty of folks that CAN spend a whole lotta moola on a model, I wonder where the units sold to cost breakdown would end up and how much that affects the final decision. Along with the non scalability of Reynolds numbers.

Also, I wonder about litigation fears. Not all with the money to afford such a thing have the discipline to inspect and replace all the blades that need replacing. Getting inside something that turns over 40 grand might just scare the company lawyers to death.

All that aside, good luck. I hope your dreams come true.

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I honestly hope you succeed in your quest. As I said before I would love to build a turboprop plane and a turbine helicopter but I'll have to be retired a hundred years to afford it lol. I hope that things like the hobbyking turbine turn out to be good. I also hope that the market increases lowering production costs and maybe even leading to cheaper turbines for me.


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Mark , my friend you fail to see that the turbines are rocket s to most of us. Also the replacement parts you mentioned can't be hacked out of metal like our foam can . The internal speed these things turn at are way beyond what most of use can imagine .You are talking to all together different worlds here. If, we as builders of foam could approach the mi-nute cuts to compare to these machines ,---we would never have a tail heavy craft AGAIN.Pay attention to where most of the jet stuff hails from.