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turnigy 9x mods

i would love to see some reviews on a few of the mods you can do to the 9x to make it an even better radio.

show ideas:

smartieparts.com programming board with built in backlight and then re-flash the radio with er9x open source firmware

diy dsmx module mod using the bind button from the original 9x v2 module (only works with er9x firmware afaik - keep in mind it is restricted to 6 channels maximum)

Frsky telemetry on board telemetry with frsky module (only works with er9x firmware afaik)

Frsky telemetry with add-on LCD kit from hobbyking (easy plug and play solution, but not as cool since you have a second lcd dangling off the back of the tx on the metal rail)

custom paint job on the radio (would love to see some airbrushed effects like skulls or flames, but just plain custom paint is good too)


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Here is how I fitted the Frsky DIY module inside the empty module....

This is where I fitted the switch and LED...
thats a pretty neat diy install, but supposedly you can do the telemetry install with the jr module as well, though i have not found out exactly how, just that someone has done it. personally, for the sake of simplicity, i will be removing the original module by desoldering the antenna lead, and then using a dm9 dsm2 module i bought only for the BNF models i plan on getting like the ultra micros, and then an frsky telemetry jr module for everything else with a seperate lcd for telemetry on the metal rail. i also have the smartieparts board comming and will be flashing to er9x to take advantage of the dm9 module, which you have to do in order to take advantage of the dm9 module because the 9x puts the sticks on different channels than the dm9 expects through the ppm output, and this can only be fixed by re assigning the sticks to the proper channels for the dm9 with the er9x software. the stock firmware cant do this apparently.
I know this is a pretty crusty thread, but i thought someone else may benefit from my experience. I just installed a HobbyKing backlight kit into my Turnigy 9X radio. I have upgraded the firmware to OpenTx and therefore also did the mod that allows the processor to turn off/on the backlight.

The existing writeups call for a Bs170 mosfet, which some people have found hard to obtain. I happened to have lots of 2n7002 mosfets around so I used one of those. It cannot drive as high as current as the bs170, but that's no problem since it only needs to switch 20-30mA. Plus it's a surface mount part so it takes much less space. A 2n7000 would work just as well. Just make sure you get the pinout correct. Check the datasheet.

Also, since I use a Lifepo battery in the radio, I wanted to decrease the 470 ohm current limiting resistor to 330 ohms to get the backlight a bit brighter. 330 ohms at 10v gives a bit over 20mA, still well within the capabilities of 2 parallel LEDs. I switched out the 0805 size resistor but in retrospect, I could also just have piggybacked a 1.5kohm resistor in parallel.
I just pulled ordered the OrangeRX DSM2/DSMX v1.2 module. I have already upgraded to a blue back light and installed a 1C low discharge Rhino lipo battery. I have been surfing the interwebs and seen guys have put voice activation playback on the radio. Does anyone know how to do this or what and where to purchase the sound modules and components? I have already ordered a micro usb module to i can flash the 9X to OpenTX. I prefer to order through Amazon if thats possible. I know this thread is old but I feel the 9X still has potential to keep up with todays transmitters and even out perform some and dont want to just throw mine away and buy a Taranis :( Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've searched all over google and found openrcforums but they don't seem to explain too much detail on how to do this mod. Some of the parts like the smartieparts board aren't available anymore either.