turnigy (and flysky) i6s dual rates setup?


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Hi guys. New here. After watching loads of flitetest videos i decided to pickup this hobby.

Bought some components and one of them is the tgy-16s. I found out already this was not the smartest choice since it does not have physical trim, but now i have another problem.

Can anyone tell me how to set dual rates and use a switch to actually switch between them? I found rate and expo, i know how to change that in the radio. But i can't find out how to have 2 different setups witch i can switch in between using the flip of one of the four switches.

Then there is fly-mode, i can assign channel 5 (or any channel) to switch a witch gives me the opportunity to switch between mode 1 and mode 2 (or however i'll call them) but the only thing i can sort of "assign" these modes to is a number. Default 1500. (and do i need a channel at all to switch between two modes?)

So, anybody able to help me out here fixing my dual rates?


Rates are on switch A (swA). if you go to the rates section in the menu, and select "dual rate/expo" you can set your rates. When you switch SWA you will see the setting screen switch between "normal" and "sport". Normally you would set your "normal" rates lower with more expo, and the "sport" rate higher with maybe a bit less expo for faster performance.

What "Modes" do you want to switch between?
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Eught so much buyers remorse. Send it back and ordering a i6. This was such a wrong buy.

Yeah they should called it the iQuad6 or something.... it's a special purpose TX...doesn't work for fixed wing except in some very specific ways.

If you haven't ordered yet, you might want to consider the new i6X....comes with FlySky 10CH firmware...

you can get it with the iA10B RX You might want to order an iA6B also

Banggood is also hawking a re-branded version...the iRangeX with a mini receiver...you should probably get a iA6B RX also...


Or if you want to be old school and flash an i6 with the hack 10 ch firmware...

Or you if you want to upgrade you could get a FrSky Q-X7 ($105 with no receiver and usually there is a bit of a markup since they sell out) You will have to buy new receivers


but you'll have to wait in line cause everyone wants one. Aloft should be getting a shipment very soon but they sell out in a day or so...so you have to be watching to snag one.

The Taranis Q-X7 runs OpenTX and is a bit different to program than traditional TXs.

...But if you can cope with the frustrations of the i6 menu buttons... :) eg Long Press Cancel means Save and Exit.
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If I was going to get a new radio I would probably go for the i6x. That said I have read a few reviews that seem to agree that the older i6 w/10ch firmware is a better radio at the moment.

The new i6x has a better radio, more memory, and a faster processor, but the firmware still has some of the problems of the original. The consensus seems to be that future community developed firmware could make it shine, but at the moment it needs a bit of work.

I have been perfectly happy with my i6, and with the new firmware it is much nicer. Still, like I said I would probably opt for the newer tech. In this age it hardly ever pays to get the old version.


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Wow, just looked up that i6x and I can say with out a doubt that I wish I had bought that instead of my older t6. Anyone out there want to buy my FS-T6 with a lip mod and the lipo for $30 so I can upgrade to the i6x? Lol