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Turnigy Batteries


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Same but different??? Bottom measures 85 mm length. Top measures 104 mm length.
Weight is not the same as you would expect either.
Yet both were sold under the same part number from HK.
Yes....I know..... Different production/factory/batch etc....
Just an observation, not a complaint.
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It has been observed that sometimes the measurements and weight are not totally accurate, especially on batteries it seems. Might drop HK a note on there website and note the difference. They have so many items, I suspect the fingers wonder a bit while typing.


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Well. I have tested on the watt meter under load and from what I
can figure...
The larger one is most likely a 2200mah unit.
i have several 2,2ah turnigy packs and from the dimensions in the picture the top one really looks like a 2200mah pack. maybe a batch got labelled wrong.