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Turnigy P2627L EDF Outrunner


The Expert Newbie
This is a fairly new breed of motors available at HK; Made in India they deliver performance and quality with a low price tag.
My motors all ran perfectly, both were centered and balanced. The only problem is they did not come with the required screws; not to worry, i found some old M2 screws lying around the house so I popped them in (But i had to enlarge and tap the holes on one of the motors) and attached them to my EDF 68mm (more later on this EDF). I did a no load test and the performance was superb, very minimal vibration.
After attaching a rotor to one of them, the performance was superb, sadly I could not get the EDF to full speed because the fan was out of balance and it would scratch the shroud at high RPM. Nevertheless, the motor turned really fast at full throttle at no load, most likely past 4200Kv.

I was using a 30A ESC and a 2S LiPo and very little heat was detected. The motor remained cool and the ESC got SLIGHTLY hot at 50% throttle with rotor. Although the fan was stuck to a mount for testing, it blew around all the dust in the room and was just awesome.

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I highly recommend one to buy this motor. (please use the links, I'd really appreciate it)