Tutor Issue w/Power Pod


So I'm finally trying to fly, with emphasis on "trying", my swappable Spitfire and as a new flyer I have succeeded in hitting a park bench while taxiing and damaging the wing and doing a nose-dive into the field from 20 feet and causing lots of damage. Can't say I wasn't warned that low-wing warbird was not exactly a great starting plane.

So I'm building a Tutor to fly. I have an issue with the tolerances between the width of the fuselage and the width of the power pod. The power pod just won't slide in. With 2 doublers on either side of the main fuselage I'm guessing that the hot glue in those 4 joints has caused things to be a little narrow. I've tried 2 different power pods and the result is the same. Has anyone else experienced this and has a suggestion on how to make it right? I suppose I could work the inner layer of foam in way of the power pod and try and make some space...


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I would either try crushing the foam of the doubler plates a little thinner until the power pod fits, or build a slightly narrower power pod.