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Twirl Autogyro

I got this Twirl Autogyro kit last March from Lightflite. It's a little interesting, not thrilling. It goes nice and slow, can do loops but that's about it. Here's it's maiden. It likes some down elevator as I found out right off the bat. I haven't flown it much 'cause it's a bit boring.



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
It looks quite nice :D

Love how the fake blades move in the wind.

I can see that it will be boring after a while. This is what you need for relaxing though:D
Just get a chair to the field. I nice cold drink and people to talk with and fly that while having a chat with four mates :D

That must be pretty cool


Senior Member
I've been building Twirl for like three months now (it's easy model, but somehow I lost interest in it) - but it's mainly finished now (I've got to finally finish covering it with packaging tape, install electronics and it will be ready for flying). I've added some mods so it's not 100% like the original.

Those blades are not fake - they create lift as the autogyro moves through the air...