TX12 vs TX16, will I be able to connect them to pre built planes?


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I have been in and out of the RC plane game. Bought a plane here and there. I would like to buy a Transmitter but not sure I can use it with some pre build planes. Looking for Easy Trainer V2. Not sure how I can check if I can connect them to a separate transmitter.


The Easy Trainer v2 I believe uses a Spektrum DSMX based receiver, and the TX12 does not support the DSM/DSMX protocols as it is delivered (you can add an external module if you really want the smaller TX12).
The TX16 does support the DSM/DSMX with its internal module, so it can be set up to work with the Spektrum based stuff out of the box. Peronally I run several DSMX models with my TX16s.