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Uk distributors

Model shop Leeds, Sussex Models, Gliders UK and several others. Google will get you any others. Stock of common speed build kits is poor in all of Europe right now. Remember UK foamboard is all 40% heavier than FT stuff, which is sold by the sheet at most of the above places.
There’s a UK subforum of FT here https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?forums/uk.157/
Lots of other info there.
Excellent thank you for the info and about the foam board 👍


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You can still use it to make the larger designs but they need modifications to allow for the weight, for example I had to put 50mm extra length in the Sportster to get it to balance and it needed a larger motor.
There’s a few designs like the “Das Ugly Stick” and Vampire that are designed for heavier board.
The other option is to use UK 3mm board and adapt the plans to suit the lower thickness.