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UK Flying in or around Nottingham


Junior Member

New to RC watching the videos on FT and realised how cheap this hobby has become I just have to try and build and fly some UK foam board planes. I am going to try the Amazon boards first but not sure where I can fly in the area?

Anyone have any ideas?
Hi csreades
I would advise you to go to your local club flying field first, and just talk to the people there. Pick a day when the wind is below 8 mph, someone may even offer to let you have a go. The way to find your local field is to go to "www.bmfa.org". Hover your mouse over "clubs" a dropdown menu will appear, click on "find a club" then "view club finder" enter your postcode etc. Check out the clubs on-line, (some only do helis), and the days they fly.
If you do build something, get someone who is a good flyer to do the maiden flight and "trim" it for you. This can save a lot of heartache trying to fly a "untrimmed" plane. It's hard enough to fly a good one when your just learning!
Good luck


Junior Member
Cheers for the reply I will have to look into the clubs then. I have just started trying to make an "FT Flyer" mostly done but I forgot the wood and push rods so will have to get them.

I live in Beeston area, there are a few grass pitches around me and one which seems to be public, if I find any time when it is quiet I might try flying it there, although I think the servo on the rudder is faulty so will have to change that first.