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UMX Radian and OrangeRX module

I just got a umx radian and am attempting to fly it using my taranis. I can bind to the Radian using a orangeRX module but the elevator seems to not work at all. I can move the rudder and I can spin up the motor. Also when I move it around to see if the gyros, AS3X and all, will move the elevator I still can't see any movement. At first I assumed it was probably a orange rx issue. Now I'm beginning to think the elevator servo is dead out of the box... Am I missing something here or should I have to make some channel corrections in the radio to make sure it is all working.



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You can always test the elevator servo by simply plugging it into one of the other channels that you know works.
It may sound obvious but are you sure you have the elevator in the right channel in the Orange rx.
Are you sure you have the Taranis elevator stick matched to the correct channel?

I hope this helps. Its just a process of elimination.
Thanks for the advice, I cant move the elevator to another channel though due to the umx radian uses a custom receiver board that hes the two servos built onto the board.... One of the down sides of these small bind and flys I'm afraid....

Thanks for the suggestion though.
Insure you have AUX1 reversed on your TX otherwise you will be in PANIC mode and the elevator will not go down.

Don't ask how I know this... :eek:

quorneng... he is using a TX module (I believe, even though he mentions an Orange RX) to talk to the Radian brick. There is no external elevator or rudder servo to plug in to a receiver.

Rubicon, you might want to go over to RCGroups and check out the SAFE RX in another plane thread. It is getting QUITE long but many people have had the same problems you are experiencing due to TX changes.
Great Thanks, Will do. Btw I'm not sure that the AS3X has a panic mode but I will still make the suggested change anyway. Let ya'll know what I come up with....
I will have to check my UMX Radian. I have 10+ SAFE RXs in various planes and two of the SAFE bricks, one in the Radian, of course, and the other in a Sport Cub S and not a single one have I USED the PANIC button. Usually once I have determined that I am out of control, it is too late to hit the button. :censored:
Sorry, that can't be the problem. I just checked my DX9 and saw that AUX1 is NOT reversed like I do for all the Apprentice RXs I have and I have been flying the UMX Radian for a while like this.

Sorry. :confused:

I believe you are right in your assessment that the elevator is DOA. :mad:
Its ok... Its all just a matter of elimination... Looking at the cost of the cost of a new umx brick I'm thinking this might end up being a HEAVILY moded Radian.... I.E. new guts ::eek: .. But well see if we can't figure it out first...
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First thing is to carefully slice open the fuselage (held together on both side by clear tape) and see if the gears of the elevator turn manually. There may be a bit of glue/foam/? binding the gears thus making it non-functional.

In my indoor scratch builds, I use these bricks and have accidentally gotten glue that I used to mount the brick, into the gears. :eek: Cleaning them off usually solves that problem.
I hope this might be the right place to ask this question.
I have Taranis -X9D+ and OrangeRX module, and can not bind a UMX Radian.
I am using OpenTX companion and just can not to get it all to bind.
Really could use you help, PLEASE!