UMX T-28 Trojan AS3X Issues - AutoCrash Function???


New member
So has anyone else had this issue with a UMX aircraft??

I will be flying along perfectly (SAFE off but AS3X on) and then attempt a semi-sharp turn (not THAT sharp mind you) and my plane will suddenly become stuck in a SHARP downward spiral. I know it's not a fault of my flying, because it happened to me once at 50 ish feet, and I was able to try and fight the dive just a bit, but I could tell the control surfaces were trying to "correct" the plane incorrectly. The AS3X was trying to put me inverted or something...

I'm working on getting a patch cable so that I can turn off all AS3X and SAFE functions on the motherboard, but I just wanted to know if anyone else has dealt with this before.