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Understanding LI-PO Batteries

I'm new to all this. Where can I find a good overview of LI-PO batteries? I know that there are safety concerns. But, what else do I need to consider? How to choose. Care and feeding. Any other things.

Thanks, Dan
Some Care and feeding tips.
1.. Use a Lipo charger. don't over charge
2. Store in Lipo safe container
3. Don't completely discharge battery (store around 30%)
4. IF battery becomes Damaged, IE cell splits open (crash) or puffs Replace the battery.
If any one else has any thing else please chime in.


Elite member
Don't drop them.
If you do drop one or otherwise damage it so that it starts smoking or fizzing, get it into an open space as fast as possible. Don't be scared of it and leave it in your house like that unless you have good insurance.