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United States Air Force Museum, Dayton Ohio

n23107646_30935874_968.jpg This is a Great museum definitely check it out if your in the area. Above is a picture of my wife my baby sister and I, infront of the C-141 this particular one the "Hinoi Taxi", this is a very special plane. It was the first plane that brought back the POW from Vietnam and is special to my Dad because he was the Last crew chief of this very plane before the plane was retiered to the museum a few years back... Anyways its a awsome museum I used to go there a lot when I was growing up Plus their is a Awsome hobby shop right across the street Radical Rc.


More combat please...
Agreed! I-70 and I-75 run right through Dayton. If you are driving through and have never been there it is a must see for anybody that cares anything about aviation. I took my kids there when they were all still small and it is something that they all still remember.
when i was going to school in dayton i would ofter go to the museum between classes. the renovations, re-arrangement and additions they have added since i was little are nothing short of awesome. i have spent many, many days there and still have not seen everything. in my opinion, this is one of the finest aviation museums in the world and is a must-see for anyone that likes planes. they also have two very special B-17s currently under restoration that can be seen by appointment before they go on public display in a couple years; The Swoose (the oldest B-17 left and only one intact with the straight tail) and the legendary Memphis Belle. again, i cannot praise the museum highly enough, the vastness and quality of the collection is second to none. there are countless rare and unique planes there that you simply cant see anywhere else (like the jaw-dropping XB-70 Valkyrie) and planes of major historical significance (like Bockscar, the B-29 that effectively ended WWII by dropping the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki).

Phantom by fwa2500, on Flickr

Azrael by fwa2500, on Flickr

Hustler by fwa2500, on Flickr

Columbine III by fwa2500, on Flickr

Dennis by fwa2500, on Flickr

Prop by fwa2500, on Flickr

Fw190D9 by fwa2500, on Flickr

The Belle by fwa2500, on Flickr

Swoose by fwa2500, on Flickr


More combat please...
Yeah- I grew up in Dayton.
I've been to the Smithsonian Air and Space in DC and to the Air and Space out by Dulles Airport.
The Museum in Dayton rocks.