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Unscheduled FT Versa Wing maiden

So, I've been flying the Baby Blender and been having a great time. Also, Ive built the Versa Wing and had that ready. I really wanted to get more flights of the BB in before moving on. Today I throw them both in the car and drive out to my local field and fly the BB through a couple of batteries. After landing, I notice I'm in need of some repair. So I figure what the heck I'll try the Wing out. After a rough first launch, I get it up in the air and this thing RIPS!!

I'm not sure what the recommended set up is but I'm running the pusher with 1650kv, 30a esc, 2200mah, 8x4 prop. Basically the stuff I had around. I was getting 9-10 mins. Now, to balance things out I have 500mah 2c battery in front of the 2200. I want to use the for LEDs :) . I had so much fun with this thing I flew four more battery packs. It drew some attention. One guy commented "Thats no toy" and asked me how much it set me back. I told him maybe 70$ bucks. He couldn't believe it. I told him about the flitetest website, and told him to get the plans there. I think I'm gunna have to start putting flitetest.com on my planes.

Many thanks to the flitetest crew for making such a simple and great design!


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I have to agree, the Versa is my new favorite plane. I took it out with an NTM28-26 and a 2200mah pack and it flew for about 15 minutes. Lights would be a great addition (there's another thread on here with some great ideas.)

Here's my maiden video:

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I built mine as a pusher with no pod which might have been a bad thing since I've never flown a wing before but I wanted to learn. I have to say, it's really durable!

Great videos guys! Skeplin, I haven't had the nerve to dial up that much aileron throw. I've just been whippin around the field. I do love the attention I got from birds in the area. Made me slow up and try and glide with them. Xuzme720, that's some fancy flyin there. One of these day I'll get a vid online. I know a great camera man, but he lives in Ohio.