Updating an older RTF box plane


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So, I'm planning on building my tiny trainer soon, and actually bought another quick build kit as well. Going to try hang on to the mini sportster for awhile while I practice with the TT. However, I found a neat old pusher glider similar to the (probably better known on here) Hobby Zone Aerobird. I have fairly decent soldering skills, and I know the technology on this plane is old. It's a 27 mHz with NiMH batteries. I figure it might be an interesting experience to try to update it with a more modern Rx to use with my Flysky Tx and to use better lipo batteries. It's on an auction site, so I may not win it. But it will be next to nothing if I do :). Also, I know I could probably build or buy something already updated for cheaper, but, I still want to give this a go :). It looks pretty darn complete, extra wing, tail boom, extra tail, props, etc. Will probably update the motor to something more modern as well. Just, completely rebuild it. From what I understand, some of the earlier versions were 2 channel, but this one is supposed to be 3. Since I'm rebuilding though, shouldn't be an issue since this is just for fun, I could make it 3 if it wasn't. Anyway, I'm just curious if anyone has ever tried anything like this. I'm all about bringing old things back to life that may not have been used otherwise :)


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It should actually be pretty easy to convert over to modern electronics, the toughest part would be the motor mount as some of the old motors ( brushed ) were much longer then the newer brushless. The servos will plug right in unless they are Futaba as they pinned them different and put a bump on the servo plug so this needs to be trimmed away, and pinned ground, power, signal to fit other receivers. That is the reason Futaba put the bump so they could not be plugged in backwards in a Futaba receiver, as they are pinned power ground signal.