Upscaled FliteTest DR1 Help

James Powell

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I am wanting to build an upscaled FT DR1. Anywhere from a 48" and up wingspan would be ideal. Unfortunately, I don't have a computer or know how to use software to do it myself. Would anyone be interested in upscaling these plans for me?


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If you take the tiled printed plans to a copy/print shop they can upscale them for you, or find a library copier and do it yourself. No computer required.


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Just cut the channels to the width of the board from the crease line. To do that right, pay attention to the A or B Fold. and have a scrap piece on hand for reference.
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Hi James
Just had the DR1 plan copied 200%
Using foam board 10mm thickness
Board size 1400mmx1000mm
Try to build as original
Any recommendations ?