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Uptick in posts by new members seeking donations

I have noticed that lately there have been quite a few brand new members who join, and make their first post a request for free gear. It is starting to be a problem, and it doesn't look good for the forum when on every "new posts" search there are a few of these new member "donation requests." I'm not questioning the need, but it could be done in a way that makes it more palatable for the community. Also, it seems like it may be breeding more of the same behavior, and this will certainly turn this into a beggars forum.

In the forum rules it says that "begging" should be in the "shameless self promotion" section, but where is that?

Is there a way to place a probation on new accounts so that they can't post for handouts until they have been a member for a given amount of time, or a number of posts?


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I'm going to update my post a bit. If someone from these posts feels they want to donate money or products please check out STEM classes.


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Are you finding these posts by the "todays posts" link? If so you are viewing all posts on the forums. Look to the right of the post and it will show you what section this is from. Probably they are not in the general section but here:
There is an entire section for requesting gear as well. Its part of the forums
I have seen that, and I also noticed that it isn't being used much.

Still, for brand new members to be here only to ask for handouts looks a bit off. I wouldn't be mentioning this at all if it was occasional, or if it looked like it was in the appropriate place. Asking for stuff in a forum section that is for people to offer stuff raises questions about the point of the section in the first place.


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Like ElectriSean pointed out, it started with the Kwad Share video. Originally, the Kwad Share forum was part of the Flite Test forum and would show up in the recent posts which completely flooded the forums with these posts. Since it was moved out of the main forum (not sure where) these posts have started popping up here in the main Flitetest forums at a greatly reduced rate. Initially I thought that KwadShare would be a good idea, but when it went live and it was nothing but people asking for complete handouts , I'm not sure.

Just my $.02

I just read through the "Kwad Share" sticky, and it is interesting that the 5th post in the discussion mentions the sort of behavior that we are witnessing. Rockyboy brings up "BookMooch" as an example of a similar sharing forum with rules to limit abuse by "moochers" vs. "givers." I read the rules on bookmooch.com, and it looks well thought out. It also looks like it could require a fair amount of maintenance. Maybe they have everything managed in a well written SQL database.

Here is the post.


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The worst part of this is that once the video went live the people that have started it have not been in at all and have seemingly dumped on us to deal with. Steele has made a total of 6 posts here last I checked and NONE of the other Ethix people involved in Quad share have posted at all that I have seen.

I even posted in the other thread that Steele needs to get his butt in here and address the issue that we as a giving community are here to help people. NOT to support their hobbies. I like what Steele has done and I have been a fan of him since I saw the first video of him flying. BUT I am beginning to form a very different opinion of him as time goes by and more and more shady things happen around what he does.

From his video he stated people are to ask for a PIECE of gear they may need and offer other parts they may have spare in exchange. Far too many people are popping in first post and asking for complete set ups.. Others think they can pop in first post and someone is going to give up a set of goggles.. NOT.

I think if we are the ones left to baby sit this and have to sort thru all the crap to get to the people who really need help I vote for these people to have to have been here a minimum of time AND have a minimum of posts showing they are active in OUR community before WE start handing them OUR gear.


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Well, we know how people can be. I know I've shared some of those selfish tendencies.

I did peek into the branches on that other tree and last night there were 120 posts, mostly to the tune of "I want to fly but I have nothing. Please send anything."

My hope is that people asking can maybe make it sound like a grant request and so someone wanting to give away stuff can "shop" for a worthy recipient. I might do that as we approach FFOH so I can save on postage too (tight like the skin on a grape).


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I personally like to pass things on to people who can use them.

But I'm also not a professional charity organization.

So when I have something to give, and I don't see a need for it in the FT forums here, or at my local club, I might drop into the Kwad Share area and see who could use it.

Given the sheer volume of begging... and I'm sorry but the tone of the most frequent messages being posted are not 'I'm doing this but could use a hand' - they are 'please give me free stuff so I can be kool'... anyway, given the volume of requests over there I'm very glad it's been separated into a different area of the forums. It was beginning to have an impact on the forums we know and love and participate in daily.

But what really steams me about this whole thing is less the public, and more the behavior by the two primary community leaders.

'Cause this whole idea has been royally botched by both Steele and Flite Test. Yes, both of them. Steele did a drive by - 6 posts in 6 months is not anywhere near appropriate for someone trying to lead and organize a community effort. And Flite Test recorded a segment of video last summer in Florida - and finally saw fit to release it last week? Really guys? You said you wanted to support this Kwad Share idea and then you let it dry up to dust for 6 months before you drop the publicity video you had the whole time? And still give no support to the idea beyond server space and a generic forum header image?

Honestly this whole thing has me pretty disgusted with both parties. All three groups if you count how the public is responding to the FT video.


how do you find this thing and can you get a mavic drone if you join?
Hey aspieman!

The KWAD share forum is a place for people to gather together as a community and SHARE parts to get people up in the air. You do not receive anything for joining and more often then not, MAVIC's are going to be very sparse. If you have things to spare, or are trying to get INTO the hobby... I would recommend you set your sights much lower and look to start by purchasing or trading for something on the beginner spectrum(beginner RTF planes or micro RTF quads).



Hey guys,
I also wanted to address with you guys about the KWAD share situation...

I know that things have been less than ideal with certain parts of the implementation process. I also know that I have been following a few different things happening with the community/new posts/"begging"/etc. I wanted to pop in here and ask how many new members and or old members are asking for stuff or just "begging" for lack of a better term since the separation of Kwad Share and FT FORUM happened?

I have been looking through some of the new posts and just cant seem to find a bunch of people asking for stuff...

Also, Jim to answer some of your questions from a different thread really quick:
1) Do we have a green light to moderate there just as we have been? -You can definitely help moderate, but it is not EXPECTED of you or the moderators of the FT forums. We always want to impact things near us in a positive way so, let that be our focus and attitude ;)
2) Do you know if the powers that be have considered the possibility of needing more moderators to handle an increased load? We are definitely going to need more moderators and I will be having a discussion with Steele about that this week...
3) Are there any special considerations for the Kwad Share side of the house? no crazy considerations for Kwad Share, but we want to definitely make it as smooth and quality as we possibly can...(still a work in progress ha)

Thanks guys and looking forward to seeing how we can make things thrive moving forward!


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This whole deal reminds me where on another forum there was a person there asking for help with free parts and a sob story to go along with it. One of the members that is part of other forums happen to notice the same sort of sob story so he did some digging thanks to some moderators they tracked this guy down, it was a complete scam he was selling the donated parts.

Not saying something like this is going on here, if you have stuff to give away try and keeo it local.

I am glad this came up as it was bothering me people begging for stuff here in the forms.


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My one complaint would i guess be a feature request to allow us to some how filter out the kwad share posts from the show "todays posts". Its adding so many posts that i dont care to see as im looking for posts i am interested in.


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My one complaint would i guess be a feature request to allow us to some how filter out the kwad share posts from the show "todays posts". Its adding so many posts that i dont care to see as im looking for posts i am interested in.
That filter is built into the "New Posts" query button now - makes it pretty useful indeed.