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USA Warehouse really in USA? If so, Why?

Can someone fill me in on Hobby King? I waited until items were available at the USA warehouse to make my order. And paid for USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail shipping. They charged my card within minutes. How many weeks do yo have to wait before they take the 2-3 day order to the post office?


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My last order from the USA warehouse was placed on MAY-05-2012, shipped MAY-08-2012, received MAY-14-2012. This was shipping using USPS parcel post.


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If I remember correctly, the USA Warehouse is located in Seattle, Washington.
So shipping is reasonably quick. The longest part to me is waiting for the order to be filled before it is shipped.
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I get it with in 24 hr :) 90 % of the time, its from the Warehouse right down the road , :).
its nice , But from Hong Kong HK its weaks..................
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I live north of Portland Oregon and south of Seattle. It is not in Seattle, but just to the south I think. My orders from the US warehouse get to me in 1-2 days!
One needs to remember the time difference between the HK and USA warehouse. Orders are processed as received by the HK system and sent to the USA warehouse. That can take a couple of days simple due to time difference and when the order was placed.
I live in Colorado and ONLY order from the USA warehouse. The only place I do business with in China is BevRC - truthful and reliable. The only reason I started ordering from HK is because FliteTest uses them as a sponsor and I trust and respect Flitetest. Honorable with integrity. Unfortunately, their sponsor does not seem to operate with the same criteria.
I keep reading the complaints and excuses about delayed shipping (from the USA Warehouse-NOT overseas) and can only come to the conclusion they care not a wit about the customer and only about profit.
Pretty poor business model in today's economy. And a good motive to take my commerce to another vendor.


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So, what was your experience with the US Warehouse? (I'm guessing not good) Only done a couple of orders myself but I got stuff within a week.

I know there are people out there that have had issues with HobbyPartz- I get stuff from them within a day or two and my customer service experience with them has been excellent.

HeadsupRC I get stuff from them very quickly and so far have not received anything DOA or wrong.

PlaneInsaneRC Another outfit that has excellent customer service.

Grayson Hobby I still haven't ordered anything from them but have heard only good things from folks on this forum.


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I have over 5 orders from the US warehouse all where fast and good,
HobbyPartz- bean good .I got 2 orders from there , 1 weak or so to get my stuff.
" Hobby King overseas" weaks .........long time .......I forget ...Bean so long ......:)
6 weaks some time or more ....befor it hits USA ,
Horizon Hobby is much faster thean " Hobby King overseas "
and I can play that weak. not 6 weaks ......
But The US warehouse is all good !
shop there knowing you will get it , befor you forget what it was :)
Ok I have a quick question may be a dumb one at that but here goes. I bought a phoenix 2000 from HK I swore up and down I ordered from the US warehouse well it came from the International this is not a big deal but was looking forward to its arrival this week ok so I need to be more patient. However is there a way to confirm you are ordering from the US Warehouse. I know when looking at an item the banner above it but when you check out is there a way to confirm you are making this ourchase from the US warehouse? Just curiouse. I may be mistaking I may have actually ordered from the INternational but was pretty positive I ordered from US. Like I said just curiouse
One does have to watch, very easy to get bounced to the HK warehouse. Have almost mis-ordered my self. The freight being higher then it should have been is what got my attention that I was at the wrong warehouse.


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Super happy with my US orders:

xxxxxxxxxxxx, WA, United States 05/24/2012 12:45 A.M. Out For Delivery
xxxxxxxxxxxx, WA, United States 05/23/2012 11:46 P.M. Arrival Scan
Fife, WA, United States 05/23/2012 10:12 P.M. Departure Scan
05/23/2012 7:33 P.M. Origin Scan
United States 05/23/2012 5:57 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS


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One does have to watch, very easy to get bounced to the HK warehouse. Have almost mis-ordered my self. The freight being higher then it should have been is what got my attention that I was at the wrong warehouse.
If there is something in your cart from the USA warehouse then the cart will not let you place an item from another warehouse in it and visa versa.



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BeauGoldly, I have found that if you are ordering items that are extremely popular ( 9x radios as an example) that HK has trouble keeping in stock, you will experience possible delays.
Not sure what you ordered but it may explain your delays.
I have placed only one order from the US location and I received it before they posted it as being shipped.
And yes, it was for a 9x tx.
Have you been able to get a response from customer service yet?