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HobbyKing frustrations...


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I just finished chatting with HobbyKing's online chat. I have been told that my order is prioritized for shipment, and they will ship it when it comes in. However, nobody has any clue when that would be. When I asked what a reasonable timeframe was now that we had gone past the wait time of their 30 days that they claim is reasonable for most parts, they couldn't give me an answer. They just said, "We understand."

So, my next step is to do what I'm doing now, and pass the word that their service is sub par, their shipping and restocking times are horrid, and they have no idea when I will get my parts. I'd cancel, but I've already promised my dad one of the light sets I ordered...Let's hope I get it before Father's Day, so I can gift that to him.

Needless to say, HobbyKing has become a thorn, and I will be letting people know.


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It is sad we as customers have to take things to this level but these days it is a necessary evil. Hopefully a loss in orders gets the bean counters attention and they motivate the managerial staff to get back on track and keep stock up to par.

The trade wars heating up with China will be effecting our hobby even more over time I am afraid. At the very least I suspect some of the more scumbagish companies will jack the prices using that as the excuse before it even comes into play. Just like oil speculation and gas prices over hype.
I contacted HK support on a order that I placed two weeks ago entirely from in-stock USA warehouse. It's still in processing state. The support person stated that the massive sale they've been running has really backed up their order processing and shipping. If accurate, it's unfortunate that they could not plan ahead to have additional staff on hand to handle the increased traffic. It's certainly a blow to their company image if they can't keep it together for a sale.
I received shipping confirmation for my order on Apr. 8 (order placed on 3/23). The wait was definitely excessive, but it does seem that they are working through the queue. As for customer service, it is clear that they were ill-prepared for the large sale that they had. I hope that they can learn from this as it's a black mark on what has otherwise been, in my experience, a good company to do business with.


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My biggest issue with this is that if I had spent $2 more and ordered it direct from Hong Kong rather than the US warehouse, despite them saying it could take up to 30 days for delivery, I would have had the (bleeping) parts by now. Hong Kong has never been out of stock on the parts.

You'd think that with 6 weeks gone by, they could have shipped some inventory from the Hong Kong warehouse to the US warehouse to cover those orders - but apparently not. Now I'm hearing rumors that the US warehouse might be closing, and they'll be shipping from the Hong Kong warehouse exclusively for US orders...If that ends up being true, ouch...
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So, another, further update:

I am now at 48 days and counting. Parts are still in stock in Hong Kong, but the USA warehouse remains woefully bare.

I'm now beginning to wonder if the USA warehouse is being liquidated for a move to a Hong Kong only supplier...
Who knows. Took over 30 days to receive my package from the US Warehouse for items that were all in stock in the US Warehouse. March 10th to April 12th. First, and last, purchase experience from HK.


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I had a similar experience with an order from them. I had a rather large order held up over some $2 magnets that were in stock until I hit the order button. Quite frustrating for sure.

The last straw was ordering electric retracts and getting some random battery converters in their stead. The amount of hoops I had to go through to return them was not worth my time or rise in blood pressure.

Never again.