Using APM 3.2.1 without working compass, bad idea?


What functionality I would have to sacrifice if I use my micro APM 3.2.1 without working compass?
For some reason I can't make neither the internal or external compasses to work of 2 boards already (ordered 2nd one because thought the 1st one was faulty) so I'm thinking of just flying with not-working compass.

What are the problems I could expect?
It's for a tricopter, but I could move it to quad as well. Or a plane :)


Gravity Tester
You just won't be able to use anything that requires GPS/Compass. So acro, stabilize, and alt hold are about all you can do. Make sure none of your failsafes are set to RTH. Land as a failsafe is fine.

I hope you get the compass working. APM without a GPS/Compass is not nearly as fun.