Using Spektrum Telemetry


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I have a Spektrum Dx6e with the Orange Box DSMX compatible Rx from Horizon Hobby. I have my Tx configured to emit a tone when the 3-cell Lipo pack hits 11.5v. If I scroll to the telemetry screen on the Tx, I can see the data. However, I never hear a tone. I've doubled and triple checked the configuration to make sure it's not set to "inh". Should the max voltage also be set in order for me to hear something (I just thought of that as I was composing this) or is having the min voltage set enough even though the max voltage is configured to "inh"? At the moment, I have the telemetry screen up and I have to glance down quickly as I'm flying my quad to check the current status. That is a big inconvenience. Since I'm getting real-time telemetry, I know the receiver is at least working on that level. I'm stumped as to why I'm not getting a tone.



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Never played with Spektrum telemetry myself, but I had a look at the manual - pretty scarce info
there too. Do you have status reports enabled, or just the warnings?


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Problem solved. I updated the Tx to the latest firmware version and that took care of it. I was hearing the warning tones when I went out earlier. I neglected to do that when I first got it.