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Frsky XM+ Micro D16 SBUS BetaFlight F405-CTR Flight Controller Eachine TX805 5.8G HAKRC BLHeli_32 Bit 35A 2-5S ESC Built-in LED. Racerstar Racing Edition 2206 BR2206 2200KV what do you think will this be what i need


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Two blade props are more efficient, 3 blade props can provide more thrust at certain points in the rev range.
You won’t be likely to need to extend the motor wires, if you are putting the ESC on or near the arms.
You should buy some 18AWG silicone insulated multi strand wire and a mixed box of cheap heat shrink tubing, both are useful.


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Also in quads 3 bladed props are usually better in the yaw axis of movement than twin blades, I have tri blades for mine. The gemfan ones are pretty good, get the swept tip as opposed to bullnose ones, they will give you a good balance between thrust and efficiency.
Some people recommend learning on two blades then getting threes, since the two blade ones are cheaper and you will likely break plenty of props learning!
the ecu's mount inside the body of the drone in the video but I guess I could mount on the arms . I ordered some 2 blade props the 18AWG wire is the motor wire size thanks for all the help


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Put them where they are designed to go, the motor wires are likely long enough. I spent some time hooking up my FC to the escs today!


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I have no VTX or camera yet, but if I can get Betaflight sorted out then I could be flying in a few days, I do LOS with mini quads already. Be sure to put up pics and keep us updated on your build!

Mine before the FC went in. It’s just a cheap QAV250 frame.


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does the FC have to be mounted in the center of the frame this FC is tiny it's going to kinda hard to hook it up to the micro USB
Off center is not a problem, just make sure it's square and level. If you have to rotate it to get the USB in the right place, you'll have to tell Betaflight or it will freak out.