Vibration dampening for aluminum arms


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I was reading somewhere that car sterio enthusiasts are using "Great Stuff" the expanding foam in a can to dampen vibrations in their car hoods and cavities near the speakers.

I was wondering if it can be used for quadcopters as well to dampen motor vibrations to the controller by spraying it inside the entire length of the arms.

Good/bad idea?



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Aluminium is a pretty strong material, thats for sure.

But it has one disadvantage and that is that it doesn´t damp really good. In fact it transmits vibrations pretty good, which isn´t really what you want, is it.

So the first thing I would do in your place is get some plywood with the right size and cut them into the right length and replace the aluminum arms...

Or another quicker way is to just get some spungy stuff from the kitchen and glue it under the KK board or whatever board you have used.


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right. this is not a solution for dampen motor vibrations.

for dampen motor vibrations look more at the props, and other things that might be causing the motors to run hot.