Video editing software


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Well... it seems it is quite an old thread... but this last comment drew my attention from the latest Flite Test Forum email/newsletter, so, I do have some advice to share with anyone who is interested. I've used Shotcut ( ) for quite some time with some success. More labor intensive than Windows Live Movie Maker, which used to be my go to application but doesn't work well at all since Windows 10 upgrade... even in compatibility mode. Also I have recently purchased a Photoshop/Lightroom 1 year subscription which comes with "Adobe Premier Rush" (limited edition)... another excellent tool for video editing!


for a Free software, Check out Openshot

For a paid, but reasonably priced solution, check out Wondershare Filmora.

Davinci Resolve is another solution that is free, but I found it confusing. I'm sure once you get past the learning curve it would be great.