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Voodoo 600 - A build Thread


Hi guys,

Always fun to watch the flitetest shows, I though I would share something here:

The build of my new Voodoo 600, a 3d helicopter by Stefan Plöchinger.

As the Name implies it's a 600 sized helicopter. It comes as a kit (no electronics, no blades, white canopy).

First order of business for me was to order a fusuno canopy - I was curious what they had to offer for the relatively small price of 65$.

And I was positivly surprised - because I could just tell them how I wanted my canopy to look, they photoshopped it, showed it to me, I made some changes, and then they made it and shipped it.

So the first thing (before I even had the heli) I got was this:

Fusuno Canopy for Voodoo 600 - custom made for me. I am very happy with it.

So since the heli comes "kit only" I was free in my choice of electronics.
I went with:

Jive 100 LV and Pyro 600-12 - I got them used from a fellow pilot who has converted his own voodoo to 12S.

For the swashplate servos I reused my 3 Align DS610 which I salvaged from my crashed gaui 550. - I checked the gears, everything is fine.

For the tail I got a new savöx sh-1290mg (aka Align DS650).

The fbl unit I choose is a Spektrum AR72000BX which is a BeastX MicroBeast with integrated 7Channel-Spektrum Receiver.

The Voodoo kit and alle the parts were there. Finally building could commence.

While building I followed the great detailed manual, which comes as a pdf (hence the laptop in the background).

First step is to equip the two sides of the chassi with the servos.

Then the side with only one servo is equipped with all the gears.

Even both the belts get installed before the two halfes are put together. - Yes, two belts. Tail belt and also a belt from the motor to the first gear. - This makes the voodoo sound incredible.

The pyro is installed and the two halves are connected.

Attached the optional lipo tray (nearly forgot..) and started putting the landing gear together.


On his own carbon feet for the first time.

The tail was quickly assembled - it was so fast, I didn't get any pictures of the deatils.

At this point I wanted to see if the canopy fit. - It did, but not perfectly - fusuno made it a bit smaller at the nose than the original canopy. - I had to cut the tuning-lipotray a little short.

Now for the main rotor head - the centralpiece is installed first. (lipotray is still at full length, I did the cutting later..)

Thrust and Ball-Bearings are installed in the centralpiece and then the bladegrips are attached.

Test fitting of the 6S Turnigy 5000mah Lipo.

Also the ESC is now installed.

Preparing the servohorns to be installed.


Servo horns are attached, cables are fastened and the fbl system is in place - Now that does not look like a big change compared to the picture before, but it really takes alot of effort. Getting the length of the linkages just right, getting the antennas to not touch any carbon, stopping the cables from touching anything sharp or moving.. etc :)

All done, except for the main blades.

Taken just after the maiden flight. I'm really proud, looks great, flies great :)

My two precious :)

And here is the first flight:

If you would like some more infos, just post here or visit my (german) blog http://janpeter.net.

Any feedback is welcome :)


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great build thread, this is a really neat looking helicopter i've never heard of them I can't wait to watch the video (cant while i'm at work) that canopy turned out great.
I always though the henseleit three dee rigid was a really cool helicopter, its nice to see that you have one aswell.

(very happy to see more heli stuff around here, thank you)

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Excellent build thread. Glad to see some more helis on here. I'm still waiting for my gyro in the mail to get my 30 size going. Now I'm extra impatient lol. Nice looking heli. I like the belt drive main. I haven't seen that before.

How was it setting up the beast X?


How was it setting up the beast X?
I have setup the standard microbeast a few times, setting up the AR72000BX is nearly the same - only easier.
The initial Setup of the receiver-type gets skipped, from then on it's the same as the normal microbeast.

The setup is basically following the instructions in the manual and you are good to go.

Only thing I always have doubts and worries it the correct setup of the tail gyro directions.
So far I always ended up with the correct result (aka no spinning out of control heli) but I find it to be by far the hardest part :)

If you manually move the nose of the heli right the tail has to automatically respond as if you give left tail input. (Which makes sense, since it should counteract that movement.)
All good and fine.. but now don't start questioning yourself, if you setup the tail correctly, so that you can even trust the reaction to left-tail-input to be correct. :)

Checking the correct setup of the swash-directions is a peace of cake in comparison, it just needs to try to stay level if you tilt the heli in any direction. - No brain freeze there.

Tipp: If during the process of setting everything up, when trying to check out the tail-gyro response the tail does not respond well at all (only very little movement) then you should check what kind of output you have programmed on your Gyro-channel (aka Gear).

I had everything still at 0% (DX8) so nothing really happend. After I set that to a meaningfull headinghold value (I think it was 40%) the tail did react as expected.