Vortex 250 Pro - With Spare Parts and Upgraded camera


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So I'm trying to sell my Vortex 250 Pro. The quad is a FANTASTIC stater for anyone looking to get into the hobby, or if you want a literal tank of an aircraft. It's in nearly perfect condition only flown about 15-20 times, has an upgraded foxeer hs1177 camera, and a bunch of spare parts (bumper plates, wires, Pagota antennas, screws, mounts). I'm looking for $300 but I'm open to negotiating. I live in Illinois and will pay for shipping if you pay the $300.

PM me or leave a post here to let me know if you're interested

I absolutely loved this aircraft, it served me well for getting into the hobby and learning to fly on. However, I quickly moved to personal builds and I just never fly it anymore. Hopefully, it can go to someone who will appreciate it as much as I did and allow me to build more quads for my addiction! XD

Facebook post with pictures and info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/277...800823743411445/?sale_post_id=800823743411445
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