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VTX problems! Help!

I am using an eachine tx5258 with its original antenna (I ordered better ones, they haven't come yet). I have not flown my drone yet. Whenever I plug in the battery the VTX and my monitor are connected, This is evident because the screen goes from static to black. A few seconds after plugging in the battery each time the display on the VTX which states info about channels fizzles out, and the monitor screen turns to static. The VTX each time becomes extremely hot, I've also noticed that it stays on longer the first time I plug it in. It was not an expensive VTX, so I have no problem buying a new one. But I would like to figure out whats wrong with it. There are other problems, like no OSD and no video, but It is difficult to troubleshoot those problems with a VTX that doesn't stay connected.


Eternal Student
Sounds like it could be overheating and shutting down, make sure it's on the lowest power setting. If it's already set to low power, it's probably toast.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Im gonna toss my thoughts out... Do you have the antenna connected when under power? Second is the connector type the right one. The receiver has the hole in the center at the antenna connector so the antenna has to have a little wire to poke into that hole if not there will be no connection and the results you are seeing are exactly the symptoms resulting from antenna mismatch.