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VX-30 (Another oddball design)


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I’m a fan of odd looking designs and have built several that flew surprisingly well.





Found this on Rcgroups EZ jets with posts by Lockey and Dukejet. Took some of the images they posted and drew this version in Sketchup.


Threw together a quick prototype and it flew ok although a bit tail heavy. In v1 I tried to use a shortened version of the FT powerpod but this limited me getting my battery forward enough. New version has a narrower fuse and will have a 3D printed motor mount leaving plenty of room to move the battery forward.


Test Flight

If there’s interest once I get v2 going I’ll post plans.

L Edge

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I see someone else likes odd designs. Here is my version of the Geobat.

Changing the design, I added a set of ailerons which really made it acrobatic in the low winds. Wanted to add something to fly in higher winds.

So if you outboard of the motor area, you see a set of flaperons/spoilersons that actually did three things.
1) you could trim it (being 35" in dia) so it flew level in a pitched up fashion.
2) with little wind, flaps down drive the nose up and it would fly high alpha.
3) with higher winds, spoilers up drive the nose down and allow you to fly it in winds that stop the orginal geobat. The ailerons are really effective in this manner.


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Pretty simple build. Top wing is cut out, leading edge double bevel and I used 3m77 spray to glue down the kfm step. This gives a nice strong rounded leading edge.


Rear wing is cut in two pieces and 3m77 spray glued together. I then removed 5mm of paper top and bottom on the leading edge and sanded a curved edge.



Next cut out two of the side pieces. Make sure to mirror the pieces.


And glue in one side at a time.



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Cut out the fuse and bevel each of the creases. Mark the spot for the hatch but do not cut through at this point.


Use the formers to ensure the fuse is shaped correctly, one at the front and one at the rear.


Then cut out the canopy section, don’t cut out the vstab section but just mark it on paper. Then bevel each edge.