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flite fest

  1. E

    Flite test mini F-22

    First flight of the mini F-22 and it flies great!
  2. Rhyn003

    FT A-10

    I WANT THAT PLANE...8ft’ and all!!!!!!!!!! I actually use to have a foam and PVC A-10 years ago that was build for combat, but this one that you guys came up with is AWESOME! Looking and looks like it might fly even better then we all think lol. I’m a huge fan of A-10’s and would love to have...
  3. P

    FPV on a Full scale Paramotor

    I put this together so I can share the flight experience with people on the ground. Let me know what you think!
  4. CatholicFlyer

    Flite Fest Idea or Wish

    The town nearest me has a nice wide open airport, across the street is a nice hotel and at the Truck Stop is a Subway, and a eatery, then there is a Sonic, in town there is a Pizza Hut, the other gas station is the brand new Casey's General Store with kitchen, also makes great pizzas and other...
  5. CatholicFlyer

    Wacky Challenge, Flying Couch

    @flitetest Stefan, Josh, the entire team, just re-watched the Flying Chair, I have a challenge for you, a 3 seater Lazy Boy Couch! Now, it is heavy, but easily pushed, for the maiden flight, use some sort of life size dummies and the racing seat belt harnesses, it must be RC Controlled, but safe...
  6. Andre

    Flite Fest South 2017 Volunteers

    https://goo.gl/srhG5J Here we go folks. Flite Fest South. The Triple Crown! Did you know I've only been to Florida twice.
  7. ItMightFly

    Flite Fest East Registration

    Hello! I would like to know if I have to register on FliteFest.com and get a two day pass. Unfortunately, we won't be their for two days, only one. Will there be one day passes at the gate? Thanks!
  8. D

    200% FT Viggen for Flite Fest East 2017

    Well I figured I would post a quick thread about the large EDF Viggen that I am madly working to have ready for FF East. I should have started sooner, but many things (new house) have slowed me down. That said I think I can have it at least ready to maiden in time for FF East. This will be our...
  9. A

    Gremlin HYPE/website support?

    Hey everyone, I'm new so I figured I'll just post here. Anyone excited for the gremlin power pack I can't wait to get my hands on one :D they keep teasing it I just want to buy one already. I own an inductrix fpv and unfortunately have been pretty dissappointed with the battery life which Im...
  10. bpw823

    Flite Fest 2017 - Giant SB2C Helldiver

    Hey everyone, Just another project I've been working on the past few months. I've been refraining from posting anything because projects often get put aside for schoolwork, but this one's definitely coming together shortly. I found myself designing a 60" divebomber in AutoCAD in December, and...
  11. uLightMe

    Swap Meet at Flite Fest East 2017

    I wonder how complicated it would be to organize a swap meet at the FFE (Flite Fest East)? Would there be any interest in trading your "slightly used" bits and bobs? Would there be legal issues? Wold it be in conflict with the FT Store on site? hmm... thoughts?
  12. Triple Ace 2142

    Flite Fest Registration questions

    Hi everyone, last year I had this same question but I can't remember the answer. When registering for Flite Fest do I need to buy both a camping space and a pilot registration if I plan on camping or do I just grab the full camping pass? Also lets try and kinda make this a registration...
  13. Andre

    Flite Fest West 2017 Volunteers

    GOOD MORNING VOLUNTEERS! - Yep that guy again... Setting up the information FliteFest West 2017 Along with that all important Flite Fest West 2017 Volunteer Registration Still in the early days of planning but we learned a lot from last summers experience. I'm looking forward to FT's first...
  14. Andre

    118 FliteFest 2016

    118 FliteFest 2016 Chris,Wayne,Andre and special guest Mike Finley from the FT community podcast share all there favorite moments from Flitefest 2016.
  15. Andre

    Hello Flite Fest 2016 Volunteers - Late May Update

    Good Thursday morning everyone. First order of business The Flite Fest 2016 website has been revamped. Check it out. http://flitefest.com/ Second You people are amazing! We are very quickly filling in the slots but I hope to recruit more help in the month of June. I still need a full parking...
  16. Andre

    Flite Fest 2016 Volunteers

    Good afternoon. For those who did not know I'm the 2016 Flite Fest Volunteer Manager. Yikes eh, the Canadian has taken over. Joking aside Fred is not able to attend this year (boo). I am going to do my best to keep things running smooth. Here is where we stand and how things are going. As...
  17. I

    Flite Fest Videos - Island RC

    Last weekend I had the opportunity to go down to Malvern Ohio and enjoy Flight Fest 2015. I even had some time to film some videos so I decided to make this thread to share some of the videos I took over the weekend. This first video is a FPV flight I did on the Saturday using my Cinetank Mk 2...
  18. G

    Flite Fest Speed challenge

    I think it would be really fun to have a speed challenge at Flite Fest. The way it could work would be to have someone clocking the speeds with a radar gun and each opponent would have three tries to reach the fastest speed they could. The person who clocks the fastest speed is the winner.
  19. Maksym

    Full Scale Airplanes

    I won't be able to fly in this year or the next, but if I were able to, would you guys allow me to fly into your airstrip. I know legally that I can't fly into your field since it's a private field, but what do I have to do to get permission to land there for a day to visit "Flite Fest?"
  20. P

    looking for a FliteFeast thread

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot. We went to flitefest last year and loved it but stayed in a hotel. We would much prefer to stay on the grounds, but do not own a motor home or trailer and way too old to tent it, lol Does anyone know of a rental busness or even someone willing to rent...