flite fest

  1. C

    Flite Fest 2024 NGAD combat challenge.

    I saw some of the rederings for the NGAD(next generation air dominance) program. I thought, that a plane like that could do some damage in FF combat. So I decided to see what the FT community could come up with. This is not a contest because there is no winner. The goal of these planes is to...
  2. Test Fly RC

    Flite Fest 2023, Videos Pictures and Chat!

    Flite Fest 2023 is here, and it is going to be a fun event! I have heard from “Somebody” that there could/would be the worlds longest RC airplane, with multiple comparatively short wings, here at Flite Fest! (Most of it will probably be built here at FF) Also their will be a huge cub and...
  3. FoamyDM

    Large Combat-Plane Design Challenge

    THE CHALLENGE: Build a giant scale RC airplane with protected props with a sole purpose of being a Combat Targe at FF'23. With a maiden flight test posted by the End of October '22 (as declare by phone October 5th) on our Youtubes, and shared here. The International Miniature Aircraft...
  4. Flying Monkey fab

    Flight Fest 2023 dates?

    Title says it all. Any clue? I have no schedule fy 23 vacation so...
  5. Aviation RC Noob Podcast

    ARCN Ep 54 - Flite Fest 2022

    Ep 54 - Flite Fest 2022 Listen in as Joe, Matthew, and Jesse have their night time camp site debriefs at Flite Fest this year. Discord Matthew's SR-72
  6. wilmracer

    Flite Fest 2022 Community Challenge – WWI “Dawn Patrol”

    Build, Share, and FLY with us! The Flite Test community has a long history of “organic” events that have started here on the forums, sometimes from just one member’s crazy idea, and then grown to culminate as an exciting event at the next Flite Fest. While there have been MANY more there are a...
  7. BS projects inc.

    Going to USAFA! Saying goodbye to the hobby for now, and a BIG Reveal!

    As some of you might know for the last year I have been applying to both the United States Naval Academy and Air Force Academy. This has been a slow moving process, but after eight months of waiting I have finally made a decision. Last month I received news that I was accepted into the Air Force...
  8. Jonny Gum

    Foam Board Master Series PT-17 Stearman- FREE PLANS!

    (GO TO PAGE 11 FOR PLANS AND BUILD VIDEO) So I have always been around the real Stearman because my grandfather restores and flies them. I decided to make the Stearman because I had a balsa wood kit lying around for a rubber band powered model. I took the plans to Staples and got them scaled...
  9. remzak

    BOB v4 Build for FF East 2019

    It's been a while. I'll admit, I haven't flown fixed wing since last Flite Fest and certainly haven't built anything. But here we go, now that school is over BOB v4 is in progress. Let's jump right in. First things first, here are my thoughts on last year's build: Pros: Biggest I'd gone yet...
  10. ItMightFly

    Wing Joining

    Hello FliteTest community! I’m doing a father/son project with my dad. We are building a giant 10ft wingspan twin engine aircraft. I came up with the design in a couple of hours and built a 5ft wingspan single engine version as well as a 2.5 foot version as a twin. We decided to go twin for...
  11. Agame334

    Flite Fest Europe

    Hey all! Id love to come to flite Fest, but since im a german and dont have the money for a plane Ticket (three it out for some gear) for the ~10 hour flight, id love to See a flite Fest some where in euripe... There quite a rc community here. Just an idea, Agame
  12. Flite Risk

    Flite Fest 2019

    TO FT STAFF AND PERSONALITIES: MTH Time is up, it has been 2019 for five minutes now. You have had 169 days since Flite Fest OH 2018. We need dates for FFOH'19 and we need them now. ;;--)) We have to give the dates of FFOH '19 to friends, family, co-workers and bosses and tell them to...
  13. E

    Flite test mini F-22

    First flight of the mini F-22 and it flies great!
  14. Rhyn003

    FT A-10

    I WANT THAT PLANE...8ft’ and all!!!!!!!!!! I actually use to have a foam and PVC A-10 years ago that was build for combat, but this one that you guys came up with is AWESOME! Looking and looks like it might fly even better then we all think lol. I’m a huge fan of A-10’s and would love to have...
  15. P

    FPV on a Full scale Paramotor

    I put this together so I can share the flight experience with people on the ground. Let me know what you think!
  16. CatholicFlyer

    Flite Fest Idea or Wish

    The town nearest me has a nice wide open airport, across the street is a nice hotel and at the Truck Stop is a Subway, and a eatery, then there is a Sonic, in town there is a Pizza Hut, the other gas station is the brand new Casey's General Store with kitchen, also makes great pizzas and other...
  17. CatholicFlyer

    Wacky Challenge, Flying Couch

    @flitetest Stefan, Josh, the entire team, just re-watched the Flying Chair, I have a challenge for you, a 3 seater Lazy Boy Couch! Now, it is heavy, but easily pushed, for the maiden flight, use some sort of life size dummies and the racing seat belt harnesses, it must be RC Controlled, but safe...
  18. Andre

    Flite Fest South 2017 Volunteers

    https://goo.gl/srhG5J Here we go folks. Flite Fest South. The Triple Crown! Did you know I've only been to Florida twice.
  19. ItMightFly

    Flite Fest East Registration

    Hello! I would like to know if I have to register on FliteFest.com and get a two day pass. Unfortunately, we won't be their for two days, only one. Will there be one day passes at the gate? Thanks!
  20. D

    200% FT Viggen for Flite Fest East 2017

    Well I figured I would post a quick thread about the large EDF Viggen that I am madly working to have ready for FF East. I should have started sooner, but many things (new house) have slowed me down. That said I think I can have it at least ready to maiden in time for FF East. This will be our...