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"Wally" A build to remember...

"Wally"... Why Wally you might ask? This build is to honor my Dad, Wallace "Wally" Chamberlin. It is a stand off scale flying replica of his once 1939 Rearwin Sportster 9000L. I looked for several years for a kit for the Rearwin Sportster with no luck... I had recently found that building planes from foam was great and fairly easy to do. This one is all scratch built using Balsa and lite Plywood along with Blue Fan fold foam and Dollar Tree foamboard. After searching I was able to find some plans from a old Model Aviation magazine that I used for reference and it started into a year and a half long project that almost did not get finished as I ran into issues along the way. This was one of my first full fuselage planes made using foam. I had also built several other planes along the way and learned new techniques that helped me with the Rearwin. The final outcome was better than I had ever hoped for and "Wally" stands proud with the rest of the planes in my collection. It has all of the flight controls, powered by a EFlite 300 turning a 8x6 APC prop thru a 6 to 1 gearbox. I used the gear from a Cub, not quite correct but they look good and work great. I hope you like what you see... Thanks for taking the time to look... Mudman1959


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