War bird to get back into the air


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This warbird ended up in my lap for the right price (lotto ticket). It is a foam P47 about 900mm wing span. I have opened it up and tested the electronics. All servos worked but sounded crunchy. The esc and motor also work. I'll change all the servos and need to get front landing gear. It has a Rhino brand 3s 20c 1050mah lipo which amazingly still had 11.3volts so was able to use it with my servo tester to check everything. Without battery it comes in at less than 400g so is just over half the weight of the Simple cub. It has a brushless 2409-18 motor with a prop saver set up but no prop. Cannot help thinking it just wouldn't right with a 2 blade prop. I cannot see a Kv rating so looking for recommendations for props. Also the elevator needs stiffening up as both sides are not in the same plane and the control horn is on one side only. The connecting piece of foam is spongy. The motor has been set up with obvious down and side thrust. I won't be in a rush to maiden this one until I have put lots of time on the Cub.


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Run it with a two blade to start with, especially as the battery is an unknown. 3 blade are always less efficient than two and will pull more amps. Try it on a 6x4 or 6x3 and see how it goes.


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Great looking plane.
You could look for similar size planes & motors to get some ideas of what prop will work. The ESC will also give you some idea as to how many amps the motor is rated at.