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Quick Dremel Moto Saw Review

I decided to take some time for myself today, so I could finally play with the saw.

It went together pretty easily. The first couple of tries to install the blade didn't go so well, but after installing and uninstalling the blade a few times, it's getting easier.
The base mounts to a tabletop with a couple of metal clamps, or can be mounted permanently with some screws. The saw fits into the base and then slides forward to lock into place.

I decided to try as my first cut something that will be relatively challenging, the AnyCopter Hub.

I turned on the saw and ran the variable speed to it's highest level and started cutting. The blade went through the hobby ply like butter. I was pretty pleased with my first attempt as I've not really used any sort of scroll saw before.

The picture below show the AnyCopter top plate and battery tray. To cut out the center battery try, I had to make a rather largish pilot hole to fit the blade's quick-install end.


Here's a closer view of the pilot hole I had to cut.


A really nice feature is the vacuum hose attachment. I connected my shop vac to it before I started cutting and it collected nearly all of the sawdust. I made a bigger mess of sawdust just drilling the three holes in the battery tray.

All in all I am very pleased with my purchase. Especially at that price. And my family had a good day trip besides.


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This might be the low price alternative I'm looking for in a scroll saw!
I was pleased with how clean the cuts were. And that it all breaks down and fits into its own case.
Now I just have to come up with a better method of getting the plans onto the wood. I used 3M 77 spray adhesive and I fear it's going to be a mess getting the paper off. I have something in mind that might work better, without adhesive. But I had to order it from Amazon. I'll let you know how it goes.


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I found my head strap for my Contour Roam2 camera, so I grabbed some video of cutting out another piece of the Anycopter hub.

Warning: This is RAW video in which you will hear my taste in old people music, my vacuum cleaner and the saw. It may be loud and obnoxious so you may want to just mute the audio and hum. :rolleyes:

While making these cuts, I found that having the vacuum attached helped in steadying the wood as well as sucking any pieces small enough to go down the blade shaft.

I am really liking this thing the more I use it.