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What are my Tx/Rx choices??

Hi Everyone!

Ive just decided to get into rc planes (solely based on the awesomeness of the FliteTest show and the enthusiasm of the cast and crew) and have ordered the Bixler after weighing up all of the pros and cons of models with the same size, required initial skill level and flight characteristics but... I have ordered everything except the Tx/Rx system and wanted to know people's opinions about different systems. I want to get something that has 5+ channels so I have the option of expanding to other planes/helis and also wanting a few channels spare for led lighting or fpv equip in the future.

Any suggestions???

(Plus I live in Australia so the HobbyKing warehouse here doesn't usually stock Tx/Rx so I'd have to ship from USA)

Thanks in advance!

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Hi! and welcome to the hobby! :D
you have a lot to choose from, the turnigy 9x gives you very good value for the money and cheap receivers. its also a good platform to build onto, i have seen a lot of mods, and i have seen people make them multi module compatible, witch means that you can use it with different kinds of receivers.

the other option that you have is the spectrum range, i have a DX7 and i love it: here are some of the spectrum radios: http://www.spektrumrc.com/DSM/Products/airRadios.aspx
the BIG advantage with the spectrum systems are that you can fly the Ultra micro airplanes and the blade micro helis. however the spectrum system is usually more expensive.

hope this helps, feel free to ask if you have any questions :)


not crazy, just stupid
hehe, just noticed you come from sunshine coast... hehehehe what a coincidence :p

EDIT: figured out that this post was quite of topic, so here is something to bring it back on the topic: if you choose to go the spectrum way, the dx6i is a popular choice, it does have 6 channels, so you get enough channels to could fly your airplane (4 channels), have retracts (1 channel), and flaps (1 channel), on helicopters you will have enough to fly your heli (5channels) and adjust the gyro gain from the transmitter on the fly (1 channel) OR you can pre adjust the gain and than have 1 extra channel to use with retracts or something else.
If you like scale stuff; multiple engines, retracts, flaps and bombs, it might be more convenient with a 7-10 channel TX, but if you only plan on flying and having fun, than the DX6i or the turnigy 9x is good enough :)
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Thanks for the tips SunShine :)

I decided on the Turnigy 9X as a good base controller to begin with. (I like the idea of extra channels!!) The price was a contributing factor to my decision. Also, I had to ship from USA or where ever the 'global' stock comes from because AUS doesn't have anything in stock.... so... additionally I did get a few addons for the Bixler due to having 300g available with the same cost shipping so i got a better 6x4 prop, 2x cluster leds (white) and 2x 6-strip leds (red & green)

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Yeah, the International warehouse is in Hong Kong. It's usually stocked at a priority and the other warehouses get stuff a bit more ad-hoc. The 9x is an awesome tx. I'm very very happy with mine. At the moment the International warehouse has them on backorder, but they get restocked reasonably regularly. You won't get a price as good as $40 (+$20 odd for postage) anywhere else. The 9x is very versatile and can be modded very simply by adding other modules, making it compatible with Spektrum, Futaba, JR, FRSKY etc. receivers.

If you're not so worried about $ and want a quality radio, Hobbyking have the sensational Futaba FAAST system (6 channel) for around @200 delivered. Or there's the ever popular Spektrum DX6i for around the same price from your LHS (if you're lucky) or from various online sources.

Beyond this there are tonnes of options. These are the popular ones. The latter two systems are high quality, user friendly and club friendly (ie you won't be rejected on the basis of radio) but the 9x is (in my opinion) a superior radio (more channels, more versatile) and costs literally 1/3 of the others. Programming mixes (which you won't need for at least a couple more planes time) etc just takes a little more experimentation and problem solving.

Taking brands out of the picture, I recommend getting a programmable tx because you won't grow out of it in a hurry, you can use it for more things (mixing channels, gyros, landing gear, head tracking and much more), they have digital trims (which remembers your settings when you switch models).

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It sounds like you're on the right track. The 9X appears to be a fantastic radio with lots of upgradability. Like mentioned before, there are tons of options. The Spektrum line has been fantastic for me, I know the Futaba brand is trusted by thousands, There's JR, Optic, Airtronics, Hobbyking, Turnigy etc.

The main things I tell people looking for a radio are set some criteria, ie. channels, programming, telemetry, trainer capable, heli or fixed wing options, but depending on your skill level the best thing you can do might be to fly what your buddies or club members fly. Most any radio will serve you well. Most of the things we debate are minor. The thing that will help you most is being able to go to your local field or friends house and get hands on experienced help setting things up. It may not seem like much but in my experience having a more seasoned modeler take me through the steps in setting up my programming for my helicopter saved me hundreds of dollars and months of time lost in crashing and repairing because he knew the system and was able to explain it teach me how to use it the first time. Granted, most anyone can set up a Bixler and a 9X or DX6i in short time. It's only when you start growing with your system that it gets really nice to be able to ask someone and get good advice the first time instead of searching forums. Especially when you're at the field and having a problem.

Anyway, there's food for thought.
This is just my opinion...

I own or have owned a Spektrum DX6i, Spektrum, DX8, Hitec Aurora 9, Futaba 7C (both models the older 72mhz and the newer 2.4ghz.)

If you like or want the Horizon Hobby line of products (especially the micro planes and heli's) I recommend you get a Spektrum 2.4ghz radio. The reason is that you must have a Spektrum radio to operate the micros and they have plenty of BNF options. Personally I don't really buy a lot of the BNF models because I already have plenty of batteries and receivers, but the BNF kits are great for beginners.

Also couple the Spektrum radio with the HobbyKing OrangeRX's and you have a great combo.

I'm not saying the Spektrum radio's are the best radios, but they are the okay.