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What did you do with FoamBoard tonight?


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Working on mig 3 number 2. Number 1 had a very short and hard life. I think it came from a Boeing factory. Just waiting on new firewalls now.

If you are using a receiver with a stability gyro remember to add to the check list to check the direction that the gyro moves the controls.

The mig 3 really rolls, and I am not good flying inverted, almost made it back to try to land

I was living TacoShako dream


I home-brewed a two-piece dihedral wing for the EZ-Glider, wanting to see if the construction technique would be easier for my middle-schoolers than the notch-and-fold of the original polyhedral wing. It's constructed the same way the (for example) FT Sportster wing is constructed: two halves, taped and glued together. The results were good but the top of the Glider has a solid panel so it doesn't sit flat... yet.

And of course I forgot to take any pictures of it, and left it in my classroom for a 4-day weekend. Sorry.