What is a Swappable rc plane


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I am looking at the FT explorer and I am wondering what Swappable means.
it is, as previously mentioned a swappable power pod with electronics, but be careful as it could come out, as barbeque skewers arent always strong enough. Also you will still need seperate servos per plane.


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Fwiw, the “swappable” aspect didn’t really pan out. Most planes require the battery to be in a slightly different place for balance and nobody wants to rebind their receiver to another plane. Finally, servos still have to be in every plane. If you went through the effort of swapping the power pod and didn’t want to rebind, then the only savings would be the motor and ESC.

However, there are a couple less obvious advantages of swappables. The first is that the power pod acts as an easily replaceable (swappable?) sacrificial crumple zone. It hits first on impact and since the fuselage is doubled up on most newer designs, the power pod gets wrecked but spares most of the rest of the plane. The second advantage is just uniformity of design. The swappable series uses just two common sizes of motors, so after you wreck your first (or second, or third…) plane, you can build another with the same electronics.
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This is the classic price of 150, which was intended for flight training for everyone from 6 years to 90. She has withstood more than 100 carrots from novice pilots. The purpose of my design of the nose of the fuselage: quick repair in case of an accident, not damage to the motor and battery with the regulator. This was achieved: the motor frame was glued between the 2nd side rulers and on impact it simply came off and the motor shifted inward and the main strong blow was taken by the screw and the lantern from the bottle. After the accident, the motor frame was quickly glued into place and a new screw was installed...and into flight. This design of the replaceable module - strengthens the nose of the fuselage and adds weight (it is necessary to glue the mate in the fuselage) . This design is suitable for a limited number of models by design, but has the right to live if you want to fly and build and there is no additional money for the engine + regulator.