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What is the "Behind the Field Shed" Forum Section?


Church Meal Expert
It's where the old geezers sit around, chew tobacco and cuss.
Never been there myself, but I hear that Fred, the Flying Monkey, can teach you the password and double secret handshake if you are above a certain age limit (60?). Contact him if you are interested...

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Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
The short answer is not much.

Back when we first created the forums, I was used to how it was on other sites. I wanted a place that if people were unruly and just needed to fight it out, no holds barred, they could have the entire conversation moved there, and anyone who wanted to see it, could follow. I didn't want this forum to be draconian, and try to moderate out all disagreements, but I also didn't want fights that were using questionable language to be in the public area where we try to keep it family friendly.

It hasn't been needed. With very rare exceptions, everyone has been able to discuss different views with civility. The conversations might get heated, but for the most part, they've all been very well behaved.
I am utterly amazed and confused how this forum is so civilized! Crazy helpful in fact. I don't know if it is because of the example the Flite Test crew? Because most people are some form of engineer on this forum? I don't know.

You don't see trolls, there is always people there to help. Even when someone asks the same question for the 50,000 time, it gets answered without the "maybe you should try the search field" response. This is a an amazing community of people. I haven't posted a lot on here, but each time it has been answered with courtesy and thoroughness that is so a-typical for a forum.

Thank you.
Thank you for doing what is right.
Whatever the equation, don't change.


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Second everything Merck said. Also, thanks to the founders of this forum for the foresight and restraint that they showed regarding arguments. GREAT community, top to bottom!


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
IMNSHO . . . . It's the Forum members, although I will credit the FT crew for attracting the members that make a good community.

From time to time we get a new member in who has some rough edges, and the forum deals with them with the same courtesy and decency provided the new guy asking FAQ #3 (for the fifth time that week). More often than not . . . they like it. Most of these people aren't trolls, they just haven't learned they can be treated with decency. The "golden rule" is applied to them and they begin to apply it to others . . . and "rough edges" becomes a "contributing member".

Occasionally we do get a troll . . . and even the most subtle among them stick out. If they're just trolls by habit, they either begin to mellow out and join the community, or leave in frustration. Trolls on the hunt, however, usually leave in frustration (hard to stir up people when courtesy and respect are par for the course).

Frankly it makes for an easy gig . . . almost all my time spent here is as a "community member". Makes for a great place to hang out and chat :)


creator of virtual planes
There isn't anything very interesting back behind the field shed. I asked for the password because of a project I want to do, thought about sharing, and I don't think is appropriate for everyone. I like to push boundaries. To the point of perversion. But the project is dead and so is that small patch of grass behind the field shed.

It looks like people only used it to share something that features a naughty word. Which was like, once a long time ago.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
The original plan for the "Behind the Shed" section, was for people who just needed to argue with someone, would have their posts sent there, and if someone wanted to duke it out with them, they could do it there away from the public eye.

It turns out we didn't need it. This forum just didn't get the sort of people who wanted to be a little disagreeable, but were willing to keep it contained. So, it's sort of a dead section of the forum.