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What is your favorite war bird or bomber?


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As a kid I always gravitated to the Mustang as a prop plane, F-14 as the jet. Top Gun sealed that one in, seen that movie a few dozen times. Now as a prop plane is a close P-47 or Spit, jets would also have to be the F-22 and F-35. Bomber is the B-2, it's simplicity is so complicated, seems to defy the laws of physics, and is just sexy smooth to look at. My grand father flew Hercules C-130's in his Airforce career, obviously not a bomber but a very respectable plane nonetheless. I want to build one out of FB as a homage to him when I get a twin pack someday


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Being from a family of celts with a 2000 year family history in Scotland/Ireland it is not a nation based selection but rather a selection based on the aircraft performance itself.

The worlds, fastest, and last,, of the real vertical dive bombers.

Have fun!