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What is your favorite war bird or bomber?


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My ultimate favorite is the SR-71 Blackbird! Some of you know that my Dad flew it!! 😊 so yes, I'm biased...
But it is one of the most beautiful Aircraft of all time! Staggering capabilities in a time when we were only 14 years out of flying with Propellers!
(Kelly designed it in 1959!!)
The absolute BEST story that Kelly Johnson told me about the HABU, was how he formed a "dummy" Company, to buy Titanium from the only Country producing it in any quantity at the time....
The Soviet Union!!! 😆

My favorite Bomber, B-24 and the Avro Lancaster, tied.


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I saw two of those fly over yesterday. 2 KC-135s going west, then about 5 minutes after that, two B-2s going east. Maybe 30 minutes after that another 135 came over in the middle of refueling a C-17. As far as my favorite fighter, probably Mustang, Corsair, and FW-190, I can't make up my mind 🤣. As far as bombers, probably B-17 or B-29.


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Like most of us my favorites revolve around my experiences. Since I don't have any pilots in the family and my experiences with real warbirds has mostly consisted of stories in TV and Movies, my list is more in that vein.

F4U - Corsair: My latest build and favorite ww2 warbird due to Black Sheep Squadron and the TV show "long" ago :)

F-16: One of my favorite movies as a youth was Iron Eagle and this one has always been one of my favorite more modern warbirds. Recently at the AMA West EXPO I was hunting for a "souvenir" while I was there with my family. The more recent Eflite F-16 Falcon caught the eye of my wife at the Horizon Hobby display and it just seemed perfect for what I wanted as I haven't had a edf or jet yet in my fleet. Sadly (or not) I couldn't find one anywhere as they were sold out throughout the show. Jets were a hot seller and going quick. However there was one last F-16 Thunderbird 70mm that has found a home in my fleet and is awaiting its maiden. Very Excited...

F-14 Tomcat: Top Gun, Soon to be FT master series and added to my fleet, enough said...

B-17: Of all the bombers this would have to be the one for me, and I really would like to build this one when FT gets it out sometime as another in the master series. My love for this one comes from many of the stories I have read and watched over the years involving the brave men who flew this fortress. What really caught my interest originally with this bomber was the TV series Amazing Stories. "The Mission" is to me one of those great (albeit fictional) stories that has just stuck with me and I love to revisit time and again. If you haven't seen it look it up, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


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We can all agree that one if not the best movies made in the 80s is top gun! I am looking forward to this next one!
I heard there is a new Top Gun coming out... and is Tom Cruise in it? This guy is like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, putting out movies like he is Days of Thunder but soon to be in a wheel chair. Another great movie from the 80's, Days of Thunder.

I remember a buddy of mine and I when we were like 12 years old would put on Top Gun and clear off the coffee table, use it as our aircraft carrier and build paper airplanes to dogfight and do battles, taking off and landing on the coffee table. Sometimes watching it 4-5 times a weekend, those memories bring me back to simpler times. Love it. He actually got a hold of me not to long ago, don't see each other much anymore, but wants to get together to watch the new one in theater. when is supposed to be released, or has it already?
Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka , The "Cherry Blossom" also known as the Baka Bomb (Fool Bomb). It was essentially an early cruise missile designed to be carried to within about 25 miles of the target under a Betty Bomber at which time it was released to glide to the the target. It had a 2600 pound warhead. During the terminal phase of the mission the pilot ignited several rocket motors boosting the attack speed to as much as 1000kph.. The pilots did not experience a good deal of combat flying time; however, each flight was very exciting especially right at the end. Ohka pilots did NOT complain when they were replaced with guidance computers.