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What is your REAL job?


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I retired from the US Coast Guard as a CWO4 engineer. Last duty stations were Alaska and Michigan. Thus the Seahunter avatar. Retired from the Coast Guard in 1981 and then did a second stretch as a master maintenance tech for Gerdau Ameristeel Corp. Retired from them after 20 yrs. At last time for RC. Wife: How many airplanes do you need? LOL:unsure:


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Just started a new chapter in life working in a Bicycle store after 38 years in IT and sysadmin. Appears I am overexperienced in my old field.
That's a great switch to make! I took a breather from being a database admin / web developer of 10 years to work as a grease monkey in an old school "we'll fix anything" motorcycle shop for a year and loved it! (until my savings ran down and I needed a higher paying job again...)


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I'm a mechanical engineer doing street lighting, traffic signal and "low voltage" (120-480V) electrical design.
I'd say I'm a mechanic in my off time but none of my project cars have actually ran in the last year.


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Vice President of At Home Operations (I would never claim to be President) taking some time out after 20 years in Biotech. Responsibilities include catering, small team leadership (difficult with two Teens whose favorite phrase seems to be the only example of a double positive that can be interpreted as a negative , "Yeah. Right") and legal affairs (trying to keep both of them out of jail).

Back to work in '19 as my eldest will be off to college (Wash U, St Louis) and I gotta pay those bills.

I am a Video Conference Analyst for the Ohio Department of Corrections. I coordinate video conference for more than twenty prisons across the state of Ohio. I work with attorneys, county courts, inmates and even news services as needs demand. I have met some really interesting people during my tenure. It also reinforces my need to NEVER have to be in a prison involuntarily. There are some REALLY scary people there!


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yeah it was my first time sitting through the whole process. We had to decide if this girl was capable of taking care of herself, which she wasn't, she's going off to a mental facility pretty sad.
Mechanical Engineer, working on aircraft interiors and seating.
I actually have a High Performance Vehicles concentration... Wanted to build racecars... Never got a chance to get into the industry.
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B.S. in Computers & Information Technology. Some additional education on early Cisco routers/switches...even got my CCNA...but sadly never got to utilize the Cisco stuff for work. I do work in IT for a non-profit. First I was doing general hardware/software support for our locations. Now I am writing Crystal Reports and help do support for our medical records software.