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What kind of software do you use to make plans?


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Exactly what the title says. Is there a free software with low system requirements that I can use to make plans?
I don't know about system requirements but Sketchup and Inkscape are both free programs that people have made some really neat designs with.
Inkscape is 2D, and Sketchup is 3D.


Flite is good
Free programs for design are:
Fusion 360

Once everything is designed and laid out, free software to generate PDF’s are:

You really only need to make a PDF if you want to share a digital copy of the plans. Most of those design programs will print tiled plans directly (at least I know Sketchup will).


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What I use to design, isn't free (Bentley's MicroStation) but I do use inkscape to take existing PDF plans and convert them to DXF for the laser cutter. That could give you a good starting point if your design is similar to an existing one.

I like to design in 2D, unless it's going to be a 3D printed part then I will design in 3D.
(Your mileage may vary.)


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It depends, I use inkscape for designing printable plans and use pencil and paper/whiteboard to work out my design. That approach has pros and cons its harder to design folded origami like structures (such as @DamoRC 's builds) However boxy builds or round fuses with formers can be accomplished with moderate drawing skills and graph paper and this is useful if you dont have a good computer.


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with moderate drawing skills and graph paper and this is useful if you dont have a good computer.
I know for me, personally, I prefer the building and the flying to the drawing and thinking (and redrawing, and more thinking) I find I have more fun and success by just starting with a pencil and a sheet of foam and seeing what happens...


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for me, it's onshape.com for 3D, affinity designer for 2D, but to be honest, onshape can tackle most 2D too - there is a free version of onshape with your files being in the public domain.
You could try some project management software like Microsoft Project, JIRA, Trello, TFS, etc., but that's all overkill especially at the start of a project when you are feeling your way out... once you are 100% building features instead of the infrastructure then those things can work. My recommendation will be a Clockwise software developing company that provides custom software development services - https://clockwise.software/
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