What lights do you use?


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I am looking for small and lightweight lights for a small plane i have (24inch slow flyer) and i dont know what to get. What do you use?


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It's relatively easy to make your own lights with 3 or 5mm LEDs, 22awg wire, 1/4w resistors, and servo terminals. You won't get any flashing or fancy RGB effects without a microcontroller of some sort but for simple white, red, and green navigation lights it's super cheap and flexible. Just requires very basic electronics knowledge and a soldering iron.


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I got lazy with my lights. I couldn't be bothered to stick wiring in, so I bought a pack of those little LED fobs for clipping onto dog collars. Cracked the fobs open and inside was essentially an LED stuck to a button battery, then I just taped them on. The pack came with ten colours, including red and green and it was only £9.