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Help! What mini-quad lipo do you run?

Hello FliteTest Community,

I'm looking to buy some 4s lipos between 1300mah-1500mah for around ~$20. In the past I've had trouble with Multistar 4s 1400mah lipos where they become unbalanced and don't even out while balance charging unless they are discharged slowly to ~3.5 volts per cell, and then being balanced charged at .3A, so I'm looking for something more reliable.

I was wondering which batteries you all flew on your miniquads.


Troy (friend of Nathan who refuses to make his own account and instead just decides to use this one .


Wake up! Time to fly!
I started out using Floureon 2200 25c batteries in my runner 250 and versa copter. They did great and I still use them for goggle batteries and now in my edge 540. They are low C rated but I think the orange ones are under rated as I hammered them and they are still rock solid near 3 years later.

Then when I went to 4s I went with the 1300 80c Lumenier graphenes which are decent but expensive.

Now I am flying the China Hobby Line (white cover) 1500 100c and 5s 1500 100v because they are about half the price, higher C rating and are great so far for racing. Even after 40+ cycles on them draining em down in less then 2 minutes hard flight they still come down near perfectly balanced like less then .03 difference between cells. They recover nicely and still seem to have the same power as new.