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Understanding Batteries 101

problems with fully charged batter

Thanks for that helpful info! I have a problem with a fully charged 2200 3cell battery I am using with the c pack set up. After taking the battery off of the balance charger and hooking everything up I am only getting limited power - not close enough to get the plane in the air - based on the info you shared can you share some opinions/knowledge of what is wrong? The battery is not new, but not that old either - probably charged only 4 times
battery question from Noob


I have a 3 cell 850 mah Hyperion battery, new...or well flew with it once. pretty sure i recharged it after first flight and had some build setbacks (bought a new Harley Davidson, LOL) anyway it sat a month....went to fly, no juice....set it to charge on my B6AC Pro charger, but it won't charge, ran a battery test on it, says Low Voltage! Does this mean my new battery is done already?