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What Plane is This?

OK here is the best I can do if you have any questions please ask.
first you will need to download the free paint.net, to find it just search "paint.net" through your web browser after that is downloaded open it and select your image you wish to distort

to begin move your cursor to the top left and select "file" and then move your cursor and click "open" and open the image in the program
Screenshot (53).png

then move your cursor to the tab "image"
Screenshot (54).png

next move your cursor down on the opened tab to the selection "flip horizontal" and click on that
Screenshot (55).png

end result
Screenshot (56).png

now go down to the color wheel and turn the color to a red, blue, yellow, green, etc.
Screenshot (58).png

now with the paint brush tool cover up any symbols or marking you wish to deplete
Screenshot (60).png

now go up to "file" and select "save as"
Screenshot (62).png

now you can lower the quality (if you wish to) I typically stick around "15"
Screenshot (63).png

your image is now distorted
Screenshot (64).png
Is it a Dassault Mirage G4-01 (G8-01), the 2 seat variant? The nomenclature is a little hard for me to follow since I have not found that particular photo to know if it was taken after the redesignation.
Correct! It's a mirage G something, probably a G8-01 as I don't think the G4-01 ever flew under this designation, but I'm not totally sure either. Your turn.