What plane to build?


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I'm still new to the RC community and so far I've built a plane that doesn't seem to fly especially well. I also want to try building another plane out of foamboard. I'm just not sure which. I was looking at the FT Mini series but are they only available to order them as a kit or are there plans out there to start from scratch? Would they also work with these parts since they don't seem to match the powerpacks that are made for them:

A2212 1400kv Motor w/ 8060 propellers
3S 2200mah Li-Po (could also use 1450mah if too big)
couple of SG90 Servos



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i would advise you to buy an arf if you're trying to learn to fly. that way, you know the plane is good, and you have a learning curve.
otherwise, you always wi=oner if it is your building skills or your piloting skills


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8 years ago, after an illness, I returned to aircraft modeling. Now I have more than 40 floating and flying models. All of them are constructed from a substrate for a 3mm and 5 mm laminate. Cessna 150 is the first model on which I learned to fly.
This boy is 6 years old and he flew a Cessna 150 almost immediately.