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what recivers works with Walkera 2402D Transmitter

what recivers works with Walkera 2402D Transmitter

Since I am a total newbie ', I lack a little help to, what recivers that can be used with a Walkera 2402D Transmitter


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Sadly, it doesn't look like it will work with anything other than RTF's from Walkera and Novus and the Devo Rx's(i.e. RX601, RX701, RX801, RX1002). It's only 4 channel so even if you can find a higher channel receiver, it will work but you will only have 4 channels to use. It's enough to fly a basic airplane on, but maybe a new radio should be on your Christmas list...


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I, too, have the entry-level 2402D and do not yet have need for anything better. Soon, though. In the meantime, I would like to use it with a DEVO RX-1002. I suppose my two questions are: Will they bind? Does the RX-1002 have PPM output?
Many thanks!

Long term, I am considering the Taranis X9D Plus. Any others you recommend? Thanks again...


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Go for the Taranis .. you'll never need another one, with the right external module, you can use
with many other rcvs.
I'm still using the Taranis (not Plus) and can't see a reason to change!



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Thanks for the reply, @helidel! I am certainly keeping that transmitter at the top of my list. At this point, though, I am planning to hold off on purchasing a more expensive transmitter. It's a bit of a yes/and question. I would like to be able to use the cheap transmitter I currently have for projects unrelated to flying. I have no doubt I will appreciate the additional features & reliability of a more advanced transmitter. My current project has to do a bit with upcycling of transmitters one may already have in their collection. Thanks again!


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Devo 7e is worth a look as well if you are a Walkera radio person like me. Evidently there are mods that can be done to cross platform the 7e with many different protocols now.

I don't fault people for pushing the Taranis but coming from video games I despise cookie cutter gamers that are unwilling to try different things. I have heard the word and all I picture when I hear or read about it is Tar-anus. Again not putting the gear down (I haven't had an opportunity to try one) as you don't gain that much popularity for no reason its just that any one piece of gear is not the be all end all as the interwebs make things out to be.


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@PsyBorg, have you had any trouble pairing cheaper Walkera transmitters with their more capable receivers? I've seen some assertions that any Walkera DEVO transmitter will bind without issue to any Walkera DEVO receiver. For my smaller projects I could get by with the bottom of the barrel RX2423-D receiver advertised as compatible with the inexpensive 2402D. What I am really hoping for is an inexpensive DEVO receiver that exposes PPM (and optionally S.Bus).
Upon further research it seems I should be considering something like the DEVO-RX703A or the DEVO-RX705 as they seem to feature a PPM 'Data Bus' port. My limited understanding is that most receivers utilize PPM on the mainboard, but only the nicer ones expose it (and/or S.Bus). Walkera does not specifically indicate that the transmitter & receiver are compatible... but they may have left out a number of their cheaper transmitters on their compatibility list. Unfortunately the product page does not include a link to a manual. Many thanks for your advice...