Help! What scale for making a swappable plane into a mighty mini?


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I have not built a mini size plane, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
Rather than using one scale for the entire plane, I would feel free to change things, that is make them fit. I’d pick a scale to give you the wingspan you are aiming for. Use that scale for the wing cord, size of tail feathers and fuse length.

I would suggest making the fuse height and width fit the components you plan on using. I’d make the fuse width fit the mini power pod.


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I think i want to make a mighty mini storch but i dont know what scale i should do. I have a power pack f with a 2s lipo.
I would think since it is a larger plane make it a 35” wingspan. In my head that works out to nice size. It also depends what size 2s you have


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i decided on 60% because that makes the mini firewall fit perfect and i think that also makes the wingspan about 35 inches.