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what simulator will work for me


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It was suggested by a dear friend here on the forum that I post my question here instead of in simulators, so ok let's give it a try.

I bought a brand new FLYSKY I6S transmitter and hope to use it to fly the SE5 biplane I just built. however, I can not find ANY simulator that both works with the I6 and fly's RC planes. most all the one I can find work with keyboard or mouse. or are for drones or teach you to fly a real plane from the cockpit. I just want to use my I6S to learn to fly my SE5. any suggestions?
Are you looking for a drone or plane simulator? I know the realflights are usually very good for aircraft. Don't know many others. Liftoff for drones is good.


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so im confused, when i go to there site it shows to buy the software and the transmitter. can you just buy the program alone then use your own transmitter?
I don't know, i know the only times i have used it is with the realfight transmitter. Sorry i just don't know. The quality of the software is outstanding though. Maybe check ebay and see if you can find someone who is just selling the software


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i can't see buying it not knowing if i cause use my transmitter, also i would think if you could use any transmitter they wouldn't sell it as a package.


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If you have a USB cable to connect to your controller, you can use AeroFlyRC 8. I have used the Ikarus controller for interface with AeroFlyRC 7, as well as a wireless USB DSM2/DSMX dongle made by OrangeRX, that interfaces with my dad's DX6 and DX8 radios, as well as my DX12 radio. I have not tried any other brands of radios (don't have USB interface cables for the old HiTec radio I have from 2001), but their manual says you can use USB controllers, so as long as you have a USB interface cable to connect it with, you should have no issues flying with it. :)


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I will go check that out now. i do have a usb to connect the i6 to my computer and it does recognize it so that a start any way


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I've been using Phoenix and you can get the Flite Test SE5 and others from this forum. You need to get the 22 in 1 simulator with the dongle, It costs around $10 - $15, and can be used if your TX has a trainer port.



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I plan to use the flysky i6S it has both a ps2 port and a mini usb. I was finally able to connect it to my computer so think i will be in good shape there. I ordered the 22 in 1 but it was only available in China so i might not see it for a while.