What's in the hanger?


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I'm not sure if there's one of these threads already, but I wanted to get people showing off their hangers...

I only really started RC flying about this time last year. Somehow, 12 months later, I've got a LOT of planes... I'll try and add photos of each over time.

Hanger queens:
F9F-8 Cougar 68mm EDF - This is the 4s RC Lander version, with retracts and stunning good looks. I got it as a freebie but haven't had a battery to fly it with.

Dynam 1200mm Spitfire - I can't believe I haven't flown this yet!!! It'll happen soon. I got it for my birthday in March. I've added flaps and thinking it really needs a UBEC for all those servos.


Everyday fliers:
Tien Shang (EPO GWS clone) ME109 - probably my favourite plane to fly. It's got a sweet little motor in it, coupled with a spinning top roll and huge rudder and elevator. I still can't believe I got this for $12!!! The paint is chipped here and there, but it still looks cool.

FMS Corsair - OK, I've only flown it twice now, but it's going to be a regular. It's ultra-fast, with unlimited vertical. If I didn't have 109, I'd say this was a great aerobatic, but is much faster than the 109 and looks amazing.

Hobbyking Decathlon - I got this in a fire sale from a former flying buddy, when he was getting rid of everything. Every bit as aerobatic as the Corsair, but slower and draggy. Love the look of it in the air and landing is a pleasure after flying the warbirds. Also flies forever with a 2200 3s.

Red Eagle flying wing - This thing's been around... I'm fearless when I power up this baby. It's hit goal posts, flown with eagles, slope soared and dived into the ground so many times, but you can't kill it! This has been a confidence plane and has taught me a lot about aerobatics.

IMG117.jpg IMG118.jpg

Bixler - yeah, I've got one... It's been sold, put up a tree for a couple of weeks and crashed due to a dodgy rx. The guy I sold it to gave it to me after we got it down from the tree. I'm running a Leader Hobby motor in it, which has a lot more grunt than the stock. I use it as my slope soarer most of the time. I've got ambitions of FPV and training my kids with this thing too.

Thunder Tiger Ehawk 1500 - my first balsa model. This stunning purple V-tail glider stole the Bixler's job as my thermal hunter. My only gripe is that I can't get enough braking to stop the prop from spinning, but it glides so well that I reckon I still do OK.

Hobbyking Atom - I've only flown it a couple of times, but it's a really nice little small-field flier. It's had a few cartwheels and you'd never know. I need more batteries for it. The mrs has her name on this one.

IMG119.jpg IMG121.jpg

Nine Eagles P47 - maiden flight was in a tiny gym. It crashed into a wall. A follow-up flight on a calm day showed me that it's tail heavy. Need motivation to fix it... Looks very cool though.

Nine Eagles Spitfire - Great little flier, perfectly balanced, looks very cool. I also crashed this in the above gym, but much worse than the P47. It's all fine now though. I need a bigger gym... Anyhow, scale flight but the wings don't get past perpendicular to the ground.

Out of grace (I used to fly these all the time):
Parkjet - it flies between 90 and 100mph. It was addictive at first, but I'm finding it hard to pick it up again. I'm running the stock 3000kv motor on 3s.

Hobbyking EPP Pitts - I got this for my birthday with the Spitfire. I flew this a lot at first, but it's lost its appeal somehow. Can't put my finger on it... I'm sure I'll be back if/when I get serious about 3D, because it's magic for it!

Art-tech Mig15 - I was getting excited about this plane and having fun, but last time I flew it I had the odd glitch in the ailerons. I had to land in a hurry and, though I stuck it, the nose wheel servo stripped. I thought it was the servos, but I soon discovered the rx antenna was dodgy. I haven't been game/interested to hand launch the sucker and see if it was the servos or the rx.

Never really liked it:
Guan-Li Icon A5 - I bought this early on, got excited about it, flew it, then realised that once you're in the air you may as well be flying a Bixler. Or a warbird. Or anything. I've harvested the electronics and the plane is taking up valuable space because I glued the wings too securely.

Predator - When I scratch built one, so did a buddy. Mine is long dead. I just inherited his. Same plans, slightly different planes. I'm going to harvest its organs, methinks... I'm sure it'll fly OK, but I've got it covered with better planes.


Need work:
~50" balsa Tiger Moth - I picked it up essentially from the tip. I've fixed the wings and am working on getting the fuse ready to cover/paint. It was originally a glow model, but I've got a big fat Arrowind motor and ESC combo to do the job with a 13x6 wooden prop and either 4 or 5s.

Hobbyking Extra 260 - got it with the Decathlon and Predator. The stock motor's been replaced with a KD A22-20L, which should give more than double thrust:weight with the right prop. I've flown it once, and with a 2200 3s as far forward as possible it was only just too tail heavy to be awesome. That's with about 30g in the cowl already. Also, the elevator servo doesn't return to neutral. And I want some landing gear that aren't made from aluminium coloured jelly. It'll be great one day.


Well, I think that's the hanger in list form. I'll try and get some photos next to them over the next couple of days. Please do likewise! It's not all about my babies!
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There's everything but the mCPx. There's some modifications since then and some new looks but that's the bulk of it.

Here's the helis.
Century smaller 1.jpg heli fleet smaller.jpg blade new body smaller.jpg


Rotor Riot!
My hangar is quite small... Just a few planes.

HK Bixler - Best beginner plane ever. It's taken some mild incidents and a nosedive from a collision with a tree, but it still looks beautiful. Best mod ever is to cover it with tape. I use plain transparent packing tape.

Tricopter - Tricopter loosely based on the RCExplorer design, but with tons of changes. It's almost flyable!

FunBat - Not in my house ATM, and I intend to salvage the parts for something else. Put together with mainly tape, it's way too heavy to fly well.

McMillen Baker Cadet II
- Glider, balsa scratchbuild. Covered with tissue paper, but never been flown. Not RC.

Piper J3 Cub - Balsa, it's quite damaged, not RC, but it has been hand launched a few times. This plane taught me the importance of the CoG.


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Ok ... so i fail to organize the hangar with the planes inside; took them out for the picture.

Also showing my almost organized bench

Yak 54 EPP
Diablo Lime
Diablo Tropic Thunder (les grossman pilot)
X550 Quad
Good old Bixler
Boxed EZGlider Pro (waiting for parts)
Aerobatic Ugly stick with 3D wing
1200mm Wing

The Su-31 and the L4 (army piper) are parked here but they are not mine :p
hangar.jpg hangar2.jpg bench.jpg

welcome to ask anything about them.

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AK and KKArioKA (some symmetry there...), love the balsa cubs! Are they frequent flyers?

Nice, I hadn't noticed before :D I fly my balsa cub fairly often. Whenever I get enough time to go out and fly for a while I try to fly everything. I really enjoy the larger stuff (the cub is 76.5" wingspan) (large heli has 49.5" rotor span). If I'm just going out for a few minutes to the local ball field or something I stay with the electrics. I almost always warm up first with the trusty old hobbyzone super cub before I bring anything else out.

Here's a couple more cub pictures.
IMAG0774.jpg big cub smaller.jpg


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That Green Balsa Cub is yet to be maidened (or so the original owner thinks MUHAHAHAHA), on his first take off the guy managed to stall and the firewall broke; i glued for him and he need to pick it up (before i fly it again MUHAHAHHA).